Leisa Nadler - Soul Alchemist
Leisa Nadler - Soul Alchemist

Leisa Nadler

“My mission is to breathe passion and life back into your soul while you gain back your total empowerment within. To help you heal through releasing past trauma so you can have abundance and love flowing in all areas of your life. To truly embody inner freedom.”

Hi, I'm Leisa!

I’ve overcome many personal and physical struggles in my life. This has inspired me to give back and touch people’s lives in extraordinary ways.

There is so much more to life on the other side if you’re just willing to go into your shadows, release what does not serve you so you can come out into the light.

My wish is to rid the world of trauma that is trapped in the body collectively. Trauma that creates limiting beliefs, pattern and self destruction in one’s life. My wish is for everyone to thrive, to live with passion, joy and happiness while embodying inner freedom in all areas of ones life. I will partner together with you and we will get to the juicy place of you owning your life while connecting to your mind, body and soul’s purpose. I will challenge you, inspire you, and ignite you in all areas of your life.

Together we will break through the limiting beliefs and fears, and rewire your mind so that you begin to grow. Your thoughts will expand and all of life possibilities will open up to you. Working with me will allow you to tap into a wealth of knowledge that will help you develop tools to improve all areas of your life, including business, relationships, physical health, spiritual wellness, and emotional well-being.

I pride myself on being a deliverer of all your dreams and desires!

Let’s expand your life into one of abundance with complete self expansion! You will be totally unstoppable!

Are you ready for the ride of your life? I am, so let’s do this!

Leisa Nadler


Mastering your mind will set your heart and soul free. Learn how to silence the voices, live without fear and own your self worth. No more self sabotage or overwhelm. Manifest all the abundance into your life with ease!


When you love yourself everything else flows. Your body is a divine vessel that you have been gifted with. Learn how to receive all that she can give. Love yourself enough to do the work.


Align yourself to your souls desires and let yourself receive. When you full step into your spirituality your life will expand into one of amazing enlightenment and cited knowledge. All you need to have ultimate happiness, joy and love is within you right now. Awaken and thrive.
broken to brilliant book by leisa nadler

The ultimate guide to revitalising your life

Based on the life of Leisa Nadler, this book will delve into how she went “from Broken to Brilliant”, transforming herself and her life. She will share with you her tips on becoming a successful international entrepreneur, lifestyle coach, and mentor. But most of all how to have total abundance in all areas of your life. Leisa’s mission is to “breath passion and life back into your soul, while you gain back your empowerment within, to total abundance in all areas of your life”