1 on 1 Mentorship

Six month program - ALIGN. ASCEND. EXPAND.

This mentorship is a six month private mentoring container for people who are ready to embody a new level of ownership in their life.

This program allows you to thrive to levels of success, while owning who you are with crystal clear vision and alignment. I will teach you how to create abundance in your life so you can control what comes next and be in a place of total empowerment!

Learn how to bring online your whole soul blueprint and what is the most important activate through embodiment of you now true self in all your power and glory.

Learn how to channel the magical light and love into all that you do. Shift to a space of sovereignty in all areas of you life, inner freedom and oneness while owning all that you are and all you will become.

Create a life that you thrive in everyday and one that brings the deepest levels of joy you could ever imagine.

Packages are customised to include:
- 1~1 Soul Coaching, Guiding and Mentor Calls
- Activate and bring on line your Soul Blueprint
- Systems and Structures used to start your business and expand it
- Private Access to Me via WhatsApp and email for 24/7 support
- Two Hour Strategy Calls via Zoom
- Access to my High Level Inner Circle
- Weekly personal streamlined tasks and journal prompts for rapid ascension
- Upgrade your frequency- move to the next level of growth
- Heal past trauma in your body -release and rewire
- Break through of blocks that have paralysed you
- Trigger and remove any cooping mechanisms - Make self sabotage a thing of the past
- Own and accept your self worth - aka: deepest needs
- Activate, clear and align your chakras
- Clear past wounds that stop you creating and allow the flow - Sacred creation activations that allow abundance to flow
- Clear your money story and create wealth
- Flow from the heart in pleasure, joy and happiness
- Demand what you desire and manifest it at lightning speed into you life
- Move to a single timeline
- Move out of 3D and anchor into 5D
- Light language DNA and Cellar upgrades
- Activate any gifts you have and understand how to transcend them into your work
- Half VIP Day when in same area every six months
- Past Life Clearings, timeline collapsing and karmic clearings
- Abundance Code Activation
- Deep Mindset Attunement
- DNA/Cellular Clearings And Activations
- Activate Dormant DNA
- Learn How to Ground and Connect to Source
- Learn How to Receive Downloads and Activate them
- Uncover Subconscious Patterns Controlling You Moving to Your Level Level of Wealth and Abundance.
- Learn how to connect to your ancient wisdom
- Learn How to Expand your Spiritual Wisdom
- Anchor into 5D Frequency and 5D Consciousness
- Upgrade your frequency- move to the next level of your accession
- move to a single timeline
- and much more!