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Surrender to the divine Universe and surrender to YOU.

Release and rise, bali retreat - Leisa Nadler

It is so beautiful to sit in a place were your heart is open, your soul does your talking, you live in your truth and you are receiving everything you have been asking for all these years. It seams like the last 14 weeks things have totally shifted for me. I know that where I…

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Self Sabotage is a bitch right!

Leisa Nadler

This has been coming up for me and a few of the ladies in the “Self Love Academy”. I find myself stopping and thinking WFT is going on Why am I not in a state of ecstasy right now I should be jumping up and down with excitement Everything I have been asking for is…

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How do you know if you are on the right path in life?

I found myself sitting in NZ three months ago thinking what am I doing now. Why am I feel unsettled and restless. Why am I just not feeling into my life right now. I felt lost, almost like I was living in someone else’s body. My head was fuzzy, the words were SO loud nothing…

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We are all energetically linked, it just depends on your vibration for who you attract into your life at a single moment in time. I have just finished a lot of forgiving of people that in some way or another I held some sort of anger or resentment towards. For it is not their fault…

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When I lose 10kgs then I will be happy When I can fit that dress then I will be happy When I get that botox then I will be happy When I am making that extra $5-10k then I will be happy When I have that circle of friends then I will be happy When…

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I spent 42 years looking 42 years dreaming about it 42 years visualising it 42 years wondering when 42 years frustrated by love 42 years urning to be loved 42 years loosing myself looking for love Until that day ! Until that amazing day ! Until that day I will never forget ! It was…

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