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The Divine Gift Wrapped in A Nightmare

THE DAY I FOUND OUT I COULD NOT HAVE KIDS CRUSHED ME INTO A DEPRESSION AND IT ENDED UP BEING A SURPRISING GIFT. A gift not to have kids? Am I mad? Short answer “YES”! When I was sitting in that chair and the doctor said it was a hysterectomy or cancer spreading, I realized…

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Ditching the Doubts and Welcoming Abundance in Business

When I got real about my business, it did a 180 degree turn and clients came a calling! 1. TALK TO MORE THAN YOUR AVITAR – I had a scarcity mindset around if I just spoke to a small selection of people who I really wanted to help I would be missing out on so much…

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Living in Your Power

WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO IGNITE PERSONAL GROWTH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE: YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Guys, this is a game-changer! In this arena, it is about boundaries and setting the standards for what YOU want in your life. If you do nothing else, CHOOSE with laser awareness who you spend your…

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A Love Letter to Those who Hate Me

Dear haters … I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU! 💖 AND I just want to say: Thank you! Thank you for your messages, words, thoughts of hate, negativity and just plain bullshit reflection to how you think I should show up and be in MY own life! It used to knock the shit out of me. But,…

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