Vulnerability is sexy


Why are people so afraid to be vulnerable in this worlds everyone thinks they need to portray a life of strength and perfection!

I have said it once and I will say it again Vulnerability is sexy 💋💋

I have just spent the first 6 days of my tour in New Zealand sick and in bed. I had a message from a lady saying OMG don’t tell people you are sick it makes you look inferior and your business you need to be 100% perfect always. I stopped and look and was shocked! Totally shocked! In fact I was fu#@ken disgusted!

Have we become a world we’re authenticity has been pushed aside?
Have we become a world where portraying a certain life or lifestyle is more important that honesty!
Have we become a world we’re having a shitty day or a hard time is not okay, that it makes you look weak!

I hope the answer is NO, but I do now for me it is a HELL NO!

For me the hard makes me stronger! They are what has made me ME! I know understand these times are brought to me to teach me something and if I don’t take stock, look for the lesson, understand it, learn from it and release it then things will get harder! Trust me a know! Nothing will change, I will not grow, I will stay stuck in the struggle! For me it’s a time to reflect and ask myself why I have received this into my life.

In the last 6 days I have reflecting! I have stopped and been present in my own life! I have listen to my mind, body and soul! I have connected with my heart! I have found what I needed to learn. I have meditated, journaled and understood what I have been holding within. Now I have up levelled like never before.

Life can be hard!
Life is challenging!
Life is not perfect!
Life is a rollercoaster!
Life can be a complete BITCH!

But in the end life is what you choose it to be! You choose how long you stay in the dip on that rollercoaster ride!
Life is yours to create!

Life teaches us all the time lessons, patience and the down times just mean we have come slightly off our path. The dips are are a gentle nudge to get back on that road to alignment, flow and above all happiness!

For those people that think they need to hide in the difficulty of life that we sometimes get thrown. Wake up to your bullshit, stop hiding and understand that those are the times we grow the most! It is we’re our strength is built from, we’re our life is tested. Those time we need to appreciate as they make us stronger within! Get your head out of the sand and deal with the now do not hide from your life!

For those people that look at a life someone portrays on social media and thinks OMG I want their life! Take a moment and understand EVERYONE has bad times! No ones life is perfect! Your life is yours, cherish it, live in it and love it! The more you LOVE it the more it lights up and the more happiness you will have, this emotion overrides everything else. It’s the “Law of Attraction”!

But in the end your life is always what you CHOOSE it to be!

Please choose to be AUTHENTICALLY YOU with HONESTY, happiness and total LOVE no matter what!



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