I spoke the truth for 30 days: Here’s what happened!
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What happens when you commit to speaking your truth for 30 days in a row? I’ll reveal that to you in a second. But first, here’s something you should know…

Having a 30-day challenge became a way of life. When you learn how to be the most authentically expressed version of YOU, it has an impact in every area of your life.

To be honest I actually wondered if I could do this, not for the reasons you are thinking. I recently discovered I had a pattern of not always seeing everything through. Out of everything, this is the one thing I hate to admit the most to you! I would start something and then for some unconscious reason I would not follow it through to the end. Funny, it was mostly the little things I didn’t complete, but they were all starting to add up and I knew I had to something to uncover what was happening.

My integrity took a hit within myself. I beat myself up, I kicked and screamed as I tried to find out why I kept doing and repeating the same pattern. I was finding my mind would cause a trigger that I could not uncover why.

Learnings from my 30 days truth challenge

2 things happened from being so exposed:

  1. My ego would scream at it. It told me nasty things.

2. The shame and shock of not seeing this straightaway being the coach I already am!

When I work, I uncover things within my clients that leave them spinning. I guide them into the unknown within themselves to the exact point of why they have a certain pattern or programming, then we remove it at that moment, the shifts are that fast. SO you can see why I was in a heap of pain I am one of best at opening someone up, rewiring them and -what most coaches don’t do- I SAFETY CLOSE THEM! I own this 100%!

I do sadly see so many “surfaces coaches” who know how to talk the talk but don’t know how to walk the walk. People being brought into the pretty face with pretty words and not realising what that coach can actually do until they have been brought (literally) into the illusion. I hate seeing a client left open and their wounds exposed by someone that thinks coaching is travelling the world, making money and being seen through fake BS lies with an ego that makes it more about them and their following and less about their clients who they have a deep responsibility towards! Sadly, the clients often end up worse off than when they started or no better.

What was revealed from the 30 day truth challenged

Initially, even being a great coach, I couldn’t find what was going on and it was not until I went into the realms of the deepest parts of my subconscious mind that I found out why. I have learned more about myself from sharing my 30 days of truth to you that has exploded within me a deeper knowledge and understanding, just like fireworks on the 4th of July. I uncovered through deep memory jogging and using very planned out systems, which I now share with my clients, that get to the truth of why we are who we are and do what we do, at the core of the deepest levels within.

Our minds can be the most wonderful place and it can also one of the scariest. I choose to make mine a place that teaches me, guides me, ignites me, understands I want to change and one that is ruled by my higher self who is the real Queen in my Queendom!

These 30 days have expanded me, I have grown as a person in so many ways, my relationships are juicer, my boundaries around what I accept and don’t are solid and unconditional, it has allowed me to give more to my clients and the reflection to myself in all areas of my life is breathtakingly beautiful.

1. The big bonus was I got to share some special things with you! And I know from all the messages I have helped so many people start to heal and awaken!

2. My inbox this week has been flooded with beautiful messages

3. I have had more inquires form people to work with me than I ever have before

4. My heart is so filled with love

5. My body feels so light

6. I made so many new aligned and divine connections

Last Thoughts

Even though the 30 days is over, this is not the end but just the beginning. I may not speak the fanciest words or talk to trendiest lingo but I am authentic and real and I have walked the path most people would not have survived and I love sharing it with you so you to can grow and see your past does not define your future.

Love always 

Leisa x

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