A Love Letter to Those who Hate Me
Leisa Nadler love letter to haters


Dear haters …


AND I just want to say: Thank you!

Thank you for your messages, words, thoughts of hate, negativity and just plain bullshit reflection to how you think I should show up and be in MY own life! It used to knock the shit out of me. But, an identity shift later and NOW…

You inspire me

You ignite me

You me to serve at an even higher level,

It is all so perfect!

When I get hate, I know I am on target to 100% speak my truth to my people, the ones I am here to help!

Let us face it, people either love you or they hate you. And let’s really be honest, what you think of me is none of my business. Being telepathic, it is hard not to hear you – joys of having a superpower I guess!

But please know, what you say just gives me more power, drive, and even more determination to live more in the embodiment of who I am with 100% truth. And the biggie, it makes my WHY to succeed even bigger. Each one gave me a fresh tank of fuel!

So once again: thank you!

I know it is not about me. I know I triggered you and I send you to love for where you are at!

I know you are not ready to shift, grow or get uncomfortable. The thought of it is just too scary… yes yes, your ego says something else and that is okay too!

Dear divine ones who are triggering people …

It may not feel like it, but trust me, it is perfect! Getting hate mail actually means you are making an even bigger impact. As they leave – they make room! Just keep spreading your message, your joy, your vibration, your energy until the right people show up and your world ignites just the purest of love and vitality …


Please don’t stop serving, sharing, changing lives, making a difference, spreading the joy and love you do. It truly matters!

And yes, don’t stop selling, YOU ARE HERE TO MAKE AN IMPACT! For that, you have to have an exchange for the transformations and impact you have on the lives of others, so you should be paid! Don’t you dare second guess your self-worth!

Serve baby serve!

People will always form an opinion of you no matter what you do! It does not matter what they think of you or say about you. You cannot please everyone and everyone is not your vibe – be okay with this!

Think about it while you spend time trying to get people to love you, which not only completely sucks your energy, but keeps you from the perfect person who will walk on by, or scroll past your post. Why your energy shifts, your vibration changes from alignment to struggle and your message goes out of whack!

I get hate (aka love) mail all the time… seriously, less so now then at the beginning of my transformation. I have aligned and am true to my values, who I am serving with laser focus and when I share, I am speaking to only them… nothing or anyone else matters.

As you are transcending and releasing through this adjustment period …

🔥Turn their hate in your power
🔥Turn their hate into your passion
🔥Turn their hate into your why
🔥Turn their hate into your love for helping more people

The only thing that matters is that YOU are congruent with your message while 100% speaking your truth

💎That your message lights YOU up

💎That you feel activated by what YOU share

💎That your body vibrates with joy when YOU are serving others, on live-streams, calls, programs, events, retreats… with whatever YOU love to do!

💎What matters is that YOU never stop speaking your truth… EVER!

💎That you show people you’re ready to lead the way to allow them to get a result in their lives

💎Educate them

💎Lift them up

💎Give them what they need right now to help them

💎Inspire them to make changes

💎Show them the way

💎And yes, also sell to them

Because people need genuine help with whatever problem they have, if you stop, or dumb yourself down, it would be a disservice to THEM.

SHARE SHARE SHARE YOURSELF and the divine gifts and knowledge you have to help solve their problems.

It is never about YOU – it is ALWAYS about your people. Remember that!

Sure, some people are going to roll their eyes.

Let them!

All that matters is your vision, your mission, your desires and living your life by your design.

That’s it.

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