A Reminder


I have just been reminded of a extremely valuable lesson!

So this was it, this was my day.

My day was totally not going to how I planned it. My day was nothing like what I thought it was going to be. I had everything I imagined not come into my reality. For some reason my mood was not one of totally uplifting oneness. I got to the end of my day to move into my night with an unusual argument with the one I love more than anything in this world. So much that all I want to do is crawl up in bed and start tomorrow.

So this happens right it happens to everyone ?

You don’t understand what happened, why it happened. You start to wonder what did I do to call this in. I am in so much alignment, flow, abundance and happiness… so what happened today, why is it any different ?

So for me I had that OMG MOMENT! I got a message from a client I have been working with for a week. Who since our first call and giving her tasks to bring out something huge for her that we found she has been hidding deep within. She does the tasks, yes she did the work! (That’s a clue right their!) Well she turns around and has the most life changing week. She shifts to a higher level. Releases so many things that have stopped her from moving forward in her life and best off all she signs her first 1-1 high level total avitar client, with one to follow … all in one day.

As I sit back in a place of happiness and stillness. It comes to me….
FUCK ME don’t you get it Leisa. It’s never about you! NEVER!!!

It is always about what you are here to do ! What your soul purpose is. What lights you up!

You were brought here to serve, to help, to awaken, to shift. To heal those that need you, those that are ready. Those that know they are born for more and are totally ready….. Mind Body and Soul!

So tonight I thank myself, tonight I celebrate this beautiful
reminder. That I am here to serve
and that I am here to love !

I gift me to those that are ready to release and rise.

Thanks for the reminder to my purpose! I acknowledge the want to once again surrender !

Thanks also for the reminder that not everything fits into perfect order but what I realised it was totally as always in divine order. Everything is in alignment the good and the not as good !

Thank you …. and so it is


Kisses, Leisa

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