Hi, I'm Leisa

Leisa is a an Activator, Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release Practitioner, Light Language Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and a No 1 Bestselling Author. She was born in the land of the long white cloud, beautiful New Zealand. Growing up in a struggling, single-parent home, she then proceeded through life via a journey down the dark sides and all that encompasses, such as addiction, toxic relationships, denial, self abandonment, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, the all compounding recipe for the inevitable rock bottom.

Through a variety of healing arts and years of self work and seeking the answers to the existential questions, Leisa was unknowingly preparing, being guided to lead and support many women to where they are right now. She came out the other side with the fundamental understanding: your past does not define your future.

All this has ignited a deep passion in her. She was awakened to a deep understanding of her purpose in life. It was to help others through the darkness, the invisibility, so they can rise and thrive in whatever they desire to be.

As mentioned, seven years ago, Leisa was totally broken, having suicidal thoughts, daily panic attacks, crippled by self-abuse, and feeling stuck in her past. She had a series of life-changing events that allowed her to see that self-worth and commitment to personal growth would heal her. A transformation on every level, mind, body and soul.

Now, Leisa is able to help others with their journey to ascension and enlightenment. She has the most enchanting and safe way of creating the alchemy needed to transform old worn out survival mechanisms that no longer serve you.

With a combination of her piecing insights, she expertly drafts new cognitive, neural, and cathatic pathways, bringing undetected areas to the light into life. Her chemistry of light work and intuitive sacred healing arts provide the magic for dissolving old non-serving beliefs systems and archaic methods, and forging a way for you to establish and embody all that is new and nourishing, encouraging and supportive.

She is a mystical catalyst for the new, intentional, life-affirming you, the authentic you, that acts with confidence integrity and clear purpose. She is totally devoted to not only inspire but guiding you, aka holding the space.

The Art of Healing and Empowerment is Leisa's soul purpose. As a Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release and Light Language Practitioner are forms of how Leisa will serve you.....

A Soul Alchemist brings on transformation of the self through soul work. Using timeless as well as modern tools of healing and inquiry, we can learn to listen to the guidence of soul and inner wisdom.

A Trauma Release Practitioner unleashes the mental, physical and emotional blocks coupled with limiting beliefs that hold you back. Leisa uses this work combined with Light Languge to remove what is inside your mind, body or soul so you can thrive to new levels of worthiness in your life.

What is Light Language, I hear you ask? Often referred to as the language of Love. Light language is both an ancient and futuristic form of channeled cosmic communication, used for lifetimes, that specifically resonates with the soul rather than the logical mind. Light language is purposed to liberate you. The sounds and the energy of Light Language is interpreted by the heart and speaks to your soul rather than your programmed hearing and brain. For those who are ready to receive, Light Language supports the activation of dormant portions of your DNA, opens your third eye and reinforces your purpose, power and true soul essence.

Leisa's mission is to serve you at your highest level of consciousness. Her objective for you is to cause rapid change in your life to understanding your past does not dictate your future.... YOU DO!