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How to Balance Your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies

divine feminine and masculine energies

This one is for the ladies out there. When you spend 24/7 working your business sometimes we forget to be the feminine Goddess and dance with both deep within your soul. Our masculine and feminine energies go out of balance and we lose ourselves. Yesterday I have noticed I have been in full masculine mode.…

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Are you using Sex as a Weapon?

sex as a weapon

Sex is power and sex can be used as a weapon in a relationship. Sex is power and love and it is a sensual dance between the two when bodies are wrapped in the pure exploration. But what I am speaking of is when deep love is not present, what does sex mean to you?…

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Can a woman’s intuition be wrong?

woman's intuition with Leisa

You’re a woman and sometimes you wonder: can a woman’s intuition be wrong? What do you do when your intuition makes no sense at all? That’s how I felt once upon a time. Here’s how it was: When you are 45 years old, no job to go to and you decide one day to move…

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How to be yourself as a woman!

being authentic as a woman

Are you allowing yourself to fully step up and be YOU or are you fitting into that little box of everyone else expectations? How do you finally choose you and be yourself as a woman? WOW! Where do I start here? So much wants to pour out, I will try to contain myself (not quite!)…

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Ditching the Doubts and Welcoming Abundance in Business

Leisa Nadler

When I got real about my business, it did a 180 degree turn and clients came a calling! Here are the 4 steps I took that helped me ditch those doubts and welcome abundance in my business and ultimately my life! 1. TALK TO MORE THAN YOUR AVATAR  I had a scarcity mindset around if…

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Are You In A Toxic Environment? How To Live in Your Power

no more toxic environment

WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO IGNITE PERSONAL GROWTH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE: YOUR TOXIC ENVIRONMENT! Guys, this is a game-changer! In this arena, it is about boundaries and setting the standards for what YOU want in your life. If you do nothing else, CHOOSE with laser awareness who you spend…

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A Love Letter to Those who Hate Me

Leisa Nadler love letter to haters

Dear haters … I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU! 💖 AND I just want to say: Thank you! Thank you for your messages, words, thoughts of hate, negativity and just plain bullshit reflection to how you think I should show up and be in MY own life! It used to knock the shit out of me. But,…

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How Revealing Your Darkest Times Will Help You Find Success!

getting out of dark times

DO you ever feel like you are going through your darkest times and second guessing whether your should talk about them? Are you scared that revealing your darkest moments, your insecurities and self-doubts will stop you from reaching your goals? Like telling people you are struggling with some deep trauma will affect the way they…

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You Are Probably Manifesting Wrong. Here’s The Real Deal

manifesting wrong

I have said this before and I will say it again… No matter how much you get into the state of manifestation, if you don’t have some key ingredients with the understanding of WHY, you will struggle to bring what you desire into your reality! People who are manifesting wrong I get so bloody tired…

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