Ayahuasca Integration: How my life is shifting with Ayahuasca
Ayahuasca Integration


Today I commence the most significant reset of my life. One of these things is the relationship to my inner world through my body, my divine vessel.

During my recent plant medicine journey with Ayahuasca, my body spoke to me in a way I have never felt. She communicated to me her deepest desires, wants and needs through visions. She talked to me about the pain she felt from the disconnection.

Our relationship was needing a profound inner union. Yes, we had come so far, but I needed to go deeper within for the next level of my evolution.

Things Ayahuasca is teaching me

I saw how much of an emotional eater I still am! How I think food conquers all and fixes everything. If I have any emotion, especially happiness, I indulge in the things that are not the best for me, how food fills a void, how I lean on food as pleasure.

You see, one of the life-changing awakening’s that night was my worthiness to pleasure, the need for deeper intimacy and love.

I realise I had manifested illness in my body, how I did it and why and how connected to not being worthy of pleasure and love in all areas of my life contributed so deeply.

In that space, that night, my body and me well, we made a pact. We forged a bond, and we signed an agreement through our heart for a new embodiment of the lushest kind.

Since that experience, those euphoric downloads from my higher self, I have sat back and been the observer of my body. Really, I have uncovered some remarkable and astonishing things.

I felt the physical pain in my body when I didn’t listen. Something else, I felt the hurt and angry when I ignored her requests. And I felt the need for my body to be in gentle movement in dance celebrating in the vibration of union ship to my pleasure centre.

Ultimately, I realise that she does want to lift weights again but to take it gently.

Unraveling mysteries

I have started to connect more and in the most magical way, and as I do, I am noticing more messages of her needs.

But even more so, I understand the energetics of my body, how she speaks to me in whispers. How the illness’s within my body are formed, how I can cure aspects of my health and vitality with simple steps. And How my energy is everything and the vibration I sit in within the stillness of my mind imperative.

Honouring my needs first and foremost is key to body love. When we dance with our inner world and make love to her through the correct food, water, nourishment, our body thrives.

Ayahuasca taught me to always tune into your body

Our bodies give us messages, and when we can tap into the stillness, slow down, listen, we receive the message. I realised now as we reconnect, recalibrating to vitality and rising to become a well-oiled machine in the most profound connection how lucky I am.

My relation ship to my body is like no other what you put in your get out!

Your body is the most important thing you have, so treat it with the respect and admiration it deserves. So be brave enough to acknowledge the needs you are missing and the courage to change.
Sending you so much love as always

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