Can’t get up? Here’s how to happily get out of bed every morning!
can't get up


What’s your first thought in the morning when you wake up?

Today for me it was “I don’t want to face the world today, honestly, I just cannot be bothered!”

You just can’t get up. You feel gloomy like there is just nothing positive to look forward to. But is that the truth really?

Not a great thing to admit, right? I am supposed to be upbeat and energy maxing with all that high vibe juicy flowing through me. Honesty and truth are my overall vibe! People heal with the truth as does oneself when you acknowledge and are truthful with yourself.

Here’s what I realised when I was spending morning after morning telling myself and other I just can’t get up! And guess what, the solution is not as complicated as you thought it was!

You can’t get up because of the negative things you tell yourself

My truth this morning,

  1. I felt very average
  2. I felt so heavy
  3. I had zero energy
  4. I didn’t want to get up at 4am, 5am, 5:30am and I dragged myself out at 5:43am
  5. I didn’t feel like doing my morning routine but I did it anyway
  6. I could not get into my meditation – I just wanted to sleep
  7. I just wanted to eat (my emotional go-to thing ! )

I’m going to tell you how I felt this morning and you can decide if this is you too:

I lay in bed this morning feeling the heaviness in my body, fighting myself. “I just can’t get up, nope”, I’d tell myself. My mind was surprisingly blank but my body still felt so heavy. All I felt was my bed saying “don’t leave me, please don’t get up” or maybe that was my head.

So I lay there and felt into this heaviness. Strangely I could not feel any emotion attached to what was happening. Yes I had a busy day ahead. Yes, I had stuff to do and the truth was, all of it I loved doing. I was not dreading anything. I had just had a great sleep, I was not angry or upset about anything. I went to sleep in cloud nine!


Here’s what your body is telling you when you can’t get out of bed:


“Our body is always giving us messages, all we have to do is listen to it and tune in!”

Truth is, I had felt the nudge to rest a few times through the last few days. Yes I had a nap here and there, BUT I always told myself I had things to do. I gave myself a little bit of rest but not enough for me to build my energy field to keep going at this fast-paced rate.

I have been working my arse off, facilitating a Retreat and launching the next one, coaching all my divine clients, sharing my next intake for my Mentorship program and working behind the scenes on new projects that got me really excited.

I have been consumed in a place of joyful creativity that I had not been listening to my body. I needed to bring in the divine balance in life.

I realised I had not stopped for 25 days, no day off!

My body was giving me another nudge: LEISA, our tank is getting low, bring back balance, please I am begging you!

Honour yourself when your body needs rest

It is a fine line with pushing through and honoring one’s self with some well-deserved rest. The Ying and Yang of life.

But this was deeper for me.

In the past I had found myself using rest as a form of self-sabotage to stop my level of success from getting too big. I now found myself on the other side and needing to navigate this new place within me. You see my past pattern was when things got so good, I would do something to mess it up.

The past me believed I could not have joy and happiness in ALL areas of my life.

I found myself sitting in such unfamiliar territory. My life overall was all working towards the same goal. I was completely owning my self-worth and loving every day I went to work on my business. I loved my body and my relationship, I was working towards setting my business up for massive flow, everything was clicking in all areas of my life…. SO WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

When I finally realized it, I thought “Oh, well that was obvious!”. This is what it was:


I was navigating through this transitional period with such focus and awareness to one common goal in my life that I had not put any boundaries in my self-love area of life.

Self-worth had taken over and so had my life mission.

Oh okay, so this is usually where my self-sabotage would have kicked in but now it is just a matter of navigating and negotiating with when I will allocate some self-love time to just sit and be.

I finally understood why I was always so tired

So, today, I did a deal with myself, I set new boundaries and I negotiated with pure understanding that on Day 31 we will rest and do whatever we love that fills our tank!

Until then we show up how we have committed to ourselves and others.


Life can be like a dance with a Cobra, which let’s say would be scary and tiring with too much fear for this girl.

But if you learn to dance with your spirit while listening to what she needs, a dance of understanding with the respect honesty and authenticity with every choice we make in every minute. This is what leads to life of gradual flow to abundance and joy.

I have chosen to show up as I made a commitment and I negotiated the best long term solution from a space of honoring myself and the commitments I made.

Yep I just woke up from a nap and now for a hour of reading to fill my soul before my next client call!

Love yourself more

And That’s how I did it! Now, I can feel the heaviness leaving my body, the shift in my vibration and my energy levels are RISING to what I need to navigate through the NOW… BOOM!

Life is about constantly checking in with yourself in every present moment and being okay with making whatever choice you need to do while honouring yourself and others with whatever feels good to your integrity in life.

Balance baby!!!

Is there a place right now you are not honoring, setting boundaries or listening to yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

Much love,


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