Ditching the Doubts and Welcoming Abundance in Business

Leisa Nadler

When I got real about my business, it did a 180 degree turn and clients came a calling! Here are the 4 steps I took that helped me ditch those doubts and welcome abundance in my business and ultimately my life! 1. TALK TO MORE THAN YOUR AVITAR  I had a scarcity mindset around if…

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Are You In A Toxic Environment? How To Live in Your Power

no more toxic environment

WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO IGNITE PERSONAL GROWTH MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE: YOUR TOXIC ENVIRONMENT! Guys, this is a game-changer! In this arena, it is about boundaries and setting the standards for what YOU want in your life. If you do nothing else, CHOOSE with laser awareness who you spend…

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A Love Letter to Those who Hate Me

Leisa Nadler love letter to haters

Dear haters … I FRIGGIN LOVE YOU! 💖 AND I just want to say: Thank you! Thank you for your messages, words, thoughts of hate, negativity and just plain bullshit reflection to how you think I should show up and be in MY own life! It used to knock the shit out of me. But,…

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How Revealing Your Darkest Times Will Help You Find Success!

getting out of dark times

DO you ever feel like you are going through your darkest times and second guessing whether your should talk about them? Are you scared that revealing your darkest moments, your insecurities and self-doubts will stop you from reaching your goals? Like telling people you are struggling with some deep trauma will affect the way they…

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You Are Probably Manifesting Wrong. Here’s The Real Deal

manifesting wrong

I have said this before and I will say it again… No matter how much you get into the state of manifestation, if you don’t have some key ingredients with the understanding of WHY, you will struggle to bring what you desire into your reality! People who are manifesting wrong I get so bloody tired…

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Sharing (mostly) Fun Facts About Me!

It is funny that when you connect with someone online you assume you know them so well, right? I share so much that it feels like we are best friends, BUT here are a few things (mostly fun facts) you may not know about me … I was born in a place called Hamilton in…

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How to Live in Harmony: Finding the FUN in Life!

Leisa Nadler living in harmony

Mastering your mindset is like having multiple orgasms when you hit that sweet spot of connecting. That euphoric feeling of alignment to your mind which moves through your body, allows you to live in harmony and allows the sweetness of pleasure as you morph into one. The dance of the purest alignment and wondrous flow.…

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Turning Down the Music: How to tune into yourself

tune into yourself

In today’s blog series, I will share with you how I learned how to tune into myself. I have always been used to my life being a roller coaster ride. Highs and Lows. If it wasn’t that way, it didn’t make sense. Until on day, the peace started to find its way to me. And…

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How to Thrive in Your Full Power!

how to thrive

Holy shit – the evolution of an entrepreneur is a rollercoaster ride! Someone asked me the other day what it was like being an entrepreneur and if it was hard. ANSWER: UN FU*#EN BELIEVABLY THE HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE! Why? Because it is not just creating a business – it is creating a…

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What is on the Other Side of Fear?

other side of fear

I needed to have money to play big in life and business! I used to think I needed a lot of money to be successful in life and play big like I dreamed of when I was a child. I used to think if I didn’t have money, I couldn’t do what I desired! I…

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How To Go From Craving Likes to Explosive Love

craving likes

Validation has been my secret drug of choice… I became a seeker of compliments and affirmations to feed my ego. Likes and comments on social media meant so much because it added to my addiction to living in a space of feeding on the next hit of validation from any source I could find. Craving…

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