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I offer Mind, Body and Soul Alignment for explosive abundance in all areas of life and business 

I take you on a journey of releasing everything that holds you back. We release your past and allow you with grace and ease to become the powerful women you were born to be.


Eliminate any barriers, pattern or blocks that hold you back

My signature programs have been created with YOU in mind. If you are here then you are exactly were you have been lead to be. The Universe always has your back and so do I. These coaching programs are designed to awaken, challenge, drive, inspire and completely transform you to evolve to your highest levels of full potential.

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing

An Energy Healing and to remove what needs to be removed so that you can be in alignment and flow.
Stale energy can limit you from moving forward and block your intuition.
Energy healing taps into the energy field working directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. It addresses the illness caused by a disturbance in the energy flow. ...
Energy healing complements holistic medicine, and other healing methods to further amplify their effects.

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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings 

Tarot Reading = approx. 1 hour 

This is an Intuitive Reading where I use my beautiful Tarot Cards to tap into what you need to know right now and in your near future. You also get to ask 3 questions that you want clarity and more direction on and I will go deeper into these. This is a recorded reading and you will have it for life.

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Divine Chakra clearing, activation and alignment

Divine Chakra clearing, activation and alignment

Aligning your chakras can help you achieve overall balance. Together, your chakras represent your entire self: physical, spiritual and emotional. For this reason, they provide the means by which you can achieve overall balance in your life. I will remove any blocks that need to be removed and align you Chakras so you are in total balance and flow. 

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Signature Group Programs

The Soul Knows with Leisa Nadler

The Soul Knows

The Soul Knows

Trauma Releasing Program

(Group Coaching and Private 1-1)

Six weeks

This program changes lives. It is for those who are ready too release trauma that is trapped in their bodies causing illness and rewire their minds to not accept anything but greatness for themselves.  

During these six weeks we will work together side by side. You will have me 24/7 to help you shift to a place in inner peace and love. The reason you shift so fast is we use multidimensional modalities along with rewiring your neurological pathways. You will be literally reprogrammed at a cellular and DNA level. Through this work you will no longer hold anxiety fear or emotional triggers around the memories that are stored inside your body and mind. Through your neurological pathways we will set new levels of worthiness and love, the impact on you is powerful and it is life transforming. You transcend to a place of inner knowing through your ancient wisdom of who you are.  This is a powerful magical six weeks. if you are ready to shift to your upper limit of greatness and stop being held back in life and business by the unknown. 

REMEMBER: Your Past does not define your future YOU DO" 

This program includes:

-Coaching Call to assess and gain deep clarity so we can set a solid game plan for the six weeks and beyond

-Higher self-connection meditation

-Six calls throughout the six weeks
-Daily script to rewire the mind
-Questionnaire before we start to kick straight into it and eliminates a few weeks of going deep
-Do work around healing your relationship to Self and self-worthiness
-Weekly Activities, journal prompts, inner work tasks
-Clearing, healings, multidimensional work, activation and Alignment with light language
-Clear past wounds that stop you from creating in aligned flow
-Journaling prompts
-New emotional Identity work and clarity,

-Use of resetting, rewiring techniques and modalities
-Upgrade your frequency
-Integration work for empowerment and alignment
-Full timeline shift

-Removal of trapped trauma within your body to allow inner freedom in life.
-Identity Embodiment Channeled Light Language week session to have for life
-Wiring of the mind and Neurological pathways

What you get:
3 x Coaching Calls
1 x Healing
1 x Energy Clearing
1 x Chakra Alignment

WhatsApp and Email support Monday - Friday 9-5pm (Priceless)

Plus, all of the weekly items and journal prompts.

Beginning of the following month we touch base and see what has transcended from the transformation period and full integration period.

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Embodiment of Self

Embodiment of Self

Embodiment of Self

Six week online Mastermind

-Questionnaire to kick straight into it to prepare for a few weeks of going deep

- Deep clarity for what you need to focus on for the six weeks and set game the plan to exactly were we need to go.

-Identifying paralyzing core wounds

-Identifying subconscious beliefs & collective blocks

-breathwork, meditation, grounding techniques

-emotional competency: identification, clarity, metabolism and intelligence

-We will create inner freedom and inner love to a space your cup will be filling

-Nutritional assessment and awareness

-Vibration food identification

-Self awareness and relationship wit Source

-Embodiment Integration and Identity

-Metaphysical realignment and healing

-Reconnection with true passion and genius

-Needs assessment, analysis and application

-Clairessence embodiment awareness and assessment

-Collapsing outdated timelines and karmic loops

-Weekly script rewriting and single timeline focus

-Heart healing, clearing and light coding


What you get:

6 Live Trainings via Zoom

5+ Weekly Facebook Live Calls

4 Group Coaching Sessions

4 Group Healing Sessions

4 Energy Healings

3 Light Language Activations

3 Chakra Alignments

3 Core Activations


VIP Option

Weekly coaching calls

Direct access to coaches

Recorded guided meditations

Personalized healings

Integration transmissions

2 follow up coaching calls

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Expand Your Mind, Body and Business

“Expand Your Mind, Body and Business”


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Signature Coaching/ Mentorships

spiritual coaching with Leisa

Spiritual Mentorship Program

Spiritual Mentorship Program

6 month Mastery

Activate, Access, Align, Ascend 

This is a program for being a Lightworker & Multi-Dimensional Channel.

I would like to extend an invitation to invite one new divine being to work with me one on one in this highly expansive mentorship and mastery program. It is an expansive multidimensional mastery program for healers and light works who want to grow and expand in their work and to open up the divine channel they are through releasing and connection work.

Spend six months with me and become a Multi-Dimensional Channel and Lightworker. Activate, access, align and ignite your healing fire for all to see and experience. Embrace your Starseed Mission and Become the One, The Healer the divine Lightworker.

Use these gifts for your clients to cause an expansion and awakening with full embodiment of electric shifting and growth like nothing you or they have ever experienced. This work is life changing and breathtaking. Pass on the wonders of your ancient wisdom and caster the effect of healing through DNA and Cellar explosion while you change one life at a time with pure light and love.

What is included:

-We start with a Channeled Quantum Planning Session

-Then throughout the six month period is:

-Access to me on WhatsApp for ongoing guidance and support

-12 calls

-Activation of gifts and Priestess Hood

-Quantum Healing

-Activation of Light Language

-DNA and Cellular activations

-Matrix crown constant recalibration

-Learn how to dimensionally channel

-Learn how to channel multidimensional Lightwork

-Learn how to do energy work

-Learn how to ground and connect to source

-Learn how to connect to source Mind Body and Soul

-Learn how to protect yourself

-Learn how to call in your spirit team and channel with them

-Learn how to receive downloads  

-Learn how to connect to your ancient wisdom

-Learn how to connect to your higher self

-Learn how to expand your spiritual wisdom

-Anchor into 5D and beyond

-Shift into a 5D consciousness

-Anchor into a 5D frequency

-Learn how to Manifest with no space and time

-Full embodiment alignment of Chakras

-Activate high frequency through third eye, crown and source connection

-Understand your soul propose and connect with your higher self to bring forth magical flow and alignment in life, love and business.

-Bring forth the power of your true self in all its glory

-Learn how to access high dimensions and your star family

-Access and activate your spiritual gifts and know what to do with them.

-Connect with your galactic support team and learn to communicate with them on a daily basis.

-Learn how to connect to galactic beings

-Active all your healing gifts and modalities

-Access your spiritual gifts and understand how to use them

-Activated with the codes of wealth, opening up new opportunities and possibilities.

-Activate and learn how to interpret as one with your intuition and attune to your inner guidance system with every breathe.

  • Live in full alignment with your Souls Blueprint so that you can be all of who you came here to be, feel and see!

I am now taking applications. I will share with you more on this divine life changing journey and mastery program upon application. You will connect to your soul purpose work!

This program is where I embody my Shamanic and Priestess Hood identity and bring forth yours. If you are ready let us do this powerful work together hit the application button below!


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90 days

Life and Business Mentorship

Life and Business Mentorship


six months program

This Mentorship is a six month private Mentoring container for women who are ready to embody a new level of ownership in their life and business.

This program allows you to thrive to levels of success, while owning who you are and allowing the world to see you. How would it feel to create abundance in your life so you can control what comes next and be in a place of total empowerment!

Different Packages Available - Gold and Silver

Most packages include:

- Group Coaching Calls

- Coaching and Mentor Call

- Facebook Group Support and Community of like minded souls

- Membership Site Access

- Quantum Healing and Activations in the group

- Systems and Structures used to start your business and expand it

- Skype call every three months

- Monday - Friday 9-5pm WhatsApp support

- Business Blueprint

Platinum package holders also have access to:

- Half VIP Day when in same area every six months

- Past Life Clearings, timeline collapsing and karmic clearings

- Any Retreat anywhere in the world special pricing

- and much more!

Price on application.

Click on the button below to apply. 

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6 month

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching

six months program

Different Packages Available - Gold and Platinum 

Most Packages Include:

- Two Hour Strategy Calls via Skype Or In Person for Business Strategy

- Coaching Calls

- Activation and Healing Calls

- Up to 75% off on any other program or retreat

- Discounted access to Mastermind

- VIP access when in same area

- WhatsApp and Email Support Monday - Friday 9-5pm

- Plus all of the weekly items and journal prompts.

 -upgrade your frequency

- move to the next level of your accession

- heal any past trauma in your body

- break through of blocks that have paralysed you

- make self sabotage a thing of the past

- own and accept you total self worth

- have deep level healing activations

- activate your chakras

- clear past wounds that stop you creating

- sacred creation activations that allow abundance to flow

- clear your money story and create wealth

- live from a place of total pleasure, joy and happiness

- demand what you desire and manifest it at lightning speed into you life

- move to a single timeline

- move out of 3D into 5D

- light language activations

- flow from a place of the heart

- form a beautiful relationship to self

- activate any gifts you have and understand how to transcend them into your work

-heal sexual trauma


-calls every 30 day

-Two activation or energy clearings

-Energy readings

-Email and WhatsApp access to me

-Structure your business to fit your personality

-Heal your Sacred Chakra to receive wealth

-Light language activations and clearings

Price on application.

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Leisa Nadler

Leisa was born in beautiful New Zealand. She is a gifted Healer, Mindset Guru, Expansion Coach, published author, heart centred world changer who is addicted to LOVE and everything about it !Six years ago she was totally broken, having suicidal thoughts, daily panic attacks, crippled by self abuse and lacking any self worth, completely abandoned by herself in her own life and having addictions to most things bad.

Fast forward to now, totally in love with everything in her my life, including herself. Leisa is now in a place where she creates whatever she desires. Living location free, is a serial entrepreneur and totally passionate about helping others to transcend into their highest level of acceptance, enlightenment and self expansion in all areas of there lives.

Lighting up the world one person at a time is her new addiction.

Leisa’s spiritual journey started 2.5 years ago when she moved to Bali. While there she uncovered so much about herself. What she has learned has expanded into her coaching taking what she does to another empowering dimension and beyond. She uses her gifts in her coaching for explosive results for her clients. These include energy healer, being a medium, clairsentience and a total heart on legs. Reach out and let Leisa set your mind, body and soul free to everything you were born to be.

author leisa nadler

Leisa has coaching clients that have had transformations like:

Worked with a someone who had been in one job since 1998 - 2016 on $20 AUD a hour. On our first call she said the only thing i love about my life is my job. Within 10 minutes I knew this was not true and she was destined to breakfree and unleash herself on the world. Three months later she had realised what she had within, what her dreams where that she had forgotten and now has her own business.  She made more in 2 days upon opening new first business than she use to make in a week at her old job.     

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