Melt into explosive growth with
divine self expansion and
total self love

I offer Mind, Body and Soul Alignment for explosive abundance in all areas of life and business I take you on a journey of releasing everything that holds you back. We release your past and allow you with grace and ease to become the powerful women you were born to be. ASCEND CREATE AND MANIFEST A LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS AND DESIRES. Eliminate any barriers, pattern or blocks that hold you back. My signature programs have been created with YOU in mind. If you are here then you are exactly were you have been lead to be. The Universe always has your back and so do I. These coaching programs are designed to awaken, challenge, drive, inspire and completely transform you to evolve to your highest levels of full potential.

The Art of Quantum Healing

This program changes lives. It is for those who are ready to release trauma that is trapped in their bodies causing illness and rewire their minds to not accept anything but greatness for themselves.

Embodiment of Self

A six week online mastermind designed to help you gain deep clarity on who you are and what you need to work on.


Treatments can be either in person or a sacred online session and range from intuitive readings, energy healing, chakra balancing, and more.