2021: The time of our collective Spiritual Awakening
spiritual awakening


We all have power, strength, creativity, and compassion.

But we all also have greed, lust, anger, and weakness.

There is no trait, quality, or aspect that we don’t all process. We are filled with divine light, love, brilliance, and equally filled with selfishness, secrecy, and hostility. We are meant to hold the entire worth within us: part of the task of being fully human.

So when we talk about awakening, many of us find it hard to grasp. And this is not unusual! Indeed, we have lost our understanding of awakening and other steps of our spiritual journey through generations of programming.

We have slowly lost the human in humanity; we have lost our way. We need to bring it back to basics and stop living in a narrow mind of being a human. We must allow our humanity to embrace our universality. We can quickly become whatever we desire. We are suffocating ourselves with constant states of fear, and we need to breathe!

As we are awakening, the world is shifting

Change is coming.

The truth is surfacing.

Our awakening is deepening.

Our task as humans and the place we all ultimately want to get to is peace and love. We are being shown materialist things in the end simply do not matter. How you treat your fellow man/women is what does. We are being urged and shown how getting back to basics is where the divine world needs to go, and it is where we should all align ourselves to.

Stop kicking and screaming, my dear ones, and embrace this time to understand the profound messages that are being sent and brought to life right in front of you. This is the time for our awakening.

I know it is hard, and I know it is trying, but I encourage you to open your eyes just like a baby, for the very first time, and see it without the tainted blurry vision you have right now.

Stand up for your rights

The new earth is coming, and I can promise you if we don’t move ahead to what we are being shown and taught right now, stand up for your rights; it will no longer exist in any comprehendible form for so many.

How can we live differently to honour Mother Earth, celebrate our fellow humans and ourselves? To live towards the ultimate joy and not live back to the earth that is swallowing our souls.

Drop the masks (literally), the ego, the greed, and step out as the purest version of you. Lead with love for all there is. The world depends on it, and so do I.

  • It is time to stand up for our fundamental rights!
  • To send out boundaries of strength to honour oneself.
  • To honour of hearts
  • To proceed with love.

Open yourself to receive

To know that whatever it is, we are worthy of it. We have the power, strength and with the call of humanity to rise up as one, we have the love to conquer it all.

Are you ready for your awakening?

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