The day my life nearly finished was actually the day it started !


Little did I know when I had hit rock bottom was the best day of my life.
Even though I was lying in hospital fighting for my life.

I thank that day as I was reborn !

The day I found myself and started on my journey.

What has happened in 3 short year is beyond belief.
Or is it ?

I created it.
I visualised it.
I brought it into reality, my current reality.

I made that decision, I set myself free.

Do you need to hit rock bottom to set yourself free ?
To release what holds you back !
And rise, to receive everything you desire !

I say no!
You just need to awaken and do the work !
Growth with consistent Action gets results right !

What are you doing right now to change what does not serve you in your life ?

Are you connected to your purpose ?
What do you desire ?
What would it mean to set your mind free ?
What limiting beliefs do you need to release that hold you back ?

I believe we can all be what we want and have the exact life we desire.

I believe that the only thing that holds us back is ourselves.

I believe everything you need is within you right now !

Would you agree ?

Even better what do you believe ?

Master your mind, Conquer your world !

It starts with SELF LOVE !


Kisses, Leisa

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