Embodiment of Self

Six week online Mastermind

- Questionnaire to kick straight into it to prepare for a few weeks of going deep
- Deep clarity for what you need to focus on for the six weeks and set game the plan to exactly were we need to go.
- Identifying paralyzing core wounds
- Identifying subconscious beliefs & collective blocks
- breathwork, meditation, grounding techniques-emotional competency: identification, clarity, metabolism and intelligence
- We will create inner freedom and inner love to a space your cup will be filling
- Nutritional assessment and awareness
- Vibration food identification-Self awareness and relationship wit Source-Embodiment Integration and Identity
- Metaphysical realignment and healing-Reconnection with true passion and genius
- Needs assessment, analysis and application
- Clairessence embodiment awareness and assessment
- Collapsing outdated timelines and karmic loops
- Weekly script rewriting and single timeline focus-Heart healing, clearing and light coding

What you get:
- 6 Live Trainings via Zoom
- 5+ Weekly Facebook Live Calls
- 4 Group Coaching Sessions
- 4 Group Healing Sessions
- 4 Energy Healings
- 3 Light Language Activations
- 3 Chakra Alignments
- 3 Core Activations

VIP Option:
- Weekly coaching calls, Direct access to coaches
- Recorded guided meditations
- Personalized healings
- Integration transmissions
- 2 follow up coaching calls