The way of healing through medicine is shifting fast!


With this paradigm where science meets spirituality and the greatest awakening happening that we have ever seen before. I could not be more happier as the truth is unveiled!

We are about to see it ALL, feel it ALL and know it ALL.

So get ready a lot of it will shock you and it will anger you. But there will be a lot of magic to come out of it! No longer will you search for a pill or potion to cure what is happening within you.

As we consciously awake, things are shifting and people are realising there are different ways to keep you in a harmonious mind and body. To heal what we need to do we can thrive into new levels of happiness on our lives.

Health as I have always said comes from within, but it goes deeper than that. Yes, you can eat the right food, exercise the body, do the mindset and all the juicy things that keep you thriving and healthy.

BUT one of the biggest things that is missing is the inner healing process. We create our external world with our internal one.

When we are in balance we are one

And when we are cleared of that we are holding inside us we have freedom.

Also, when we are in a place of activating and bringing back the fragments of ourselves we left behind we are whole again.

This cannot be done by modern medicine, in fact we are lead to create a lot of our illness through a cycle of greed and deception from an external environment and subliminal programming.

Let’s face it we all see that look at the vaccine (more on that later). Then add some unhealthy as hell eating from depleted food of most our minerals and vitamins and some mindless constant noise to what we are hearing that has been put into play to program triggers constantly in our minds and really we haven’t had a chance!

But we do if we open up and surrender by removing fear to what we are being shown and how current the way we are doing things isn’t working it is making us sicker physically and mentally!

Questions to ask yourself right now

What are you filling your mind with?

How are you allowing your soul to be nurtured?

What are you really feeding your body?

And it goes so much deeper than this and this is where the real changes occur!

What are you holding in your body that is causing this confusion externally and in turn validating what is happening outside of you!

The reflections are around you! You see, feel and live them everyday. Most of the time without realising it is happening!

The one thing that a pill or potion will not fix that should be at the top of everyone’s list of MUST DO’S is to heal what is within. No materialistic object will fulfill what is missing in your life. Your inner happiness is greater than all the objects you own or wear. To release what we are holding inside that is creating a life of fear, detachment, addiction, coping mechanisms and emotional upheaval. When we heal from the inside it reflects on the outside.

We need to bring back the lost parts of us and to do that we must create room inside of us.

How do we release?

We must release it internally.

We hold so much grief, hurt, anger, past memory, blame, shame, ALL the emotions attached to trauma, hurt and disappointment.

We trigger it constantly through fear, ego and self sabotage.

We are programmed through society for pain not pleasure as they make it so we never teach the pleasure because we always want more… more comes from within not without!!!

When does it stop?

And sad but true, we pass on all our programming, fear and beliefs to our children, the ones that have held us back for so long but we don’t see through the cloudiness of the actual truth.

When we heal we transcend what no longer serves us. We can then activate the parts that need to come home and realign our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

In a sense, we become how we are meant to be and we can create a life of love and laughter without the struggle and diversity. It is freedom. It is how we bring our true selves back. I am here to show you the way back to your true life blueprint the one of please and inner freedom

Come walk with me on the path to your future of your greatest joy!

PS: I am releasing something on Monday 7th of December that embodies all this and so much more. If you are ready I am here to serve you 🙂

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