How I Feel Grateful For All I Have in my Life
feel grateful for everything I have


This morning I am so happy and grateful for what’s next.

I am so happy and grateful when my feet hit that ground in the morning.

I am so happy and grateful when my eyes open and it is a new day.

I am grateful for everything in my life

The excitement of what new things will I experience today:

Who will I meet that will teach me a lesson, make me smile or make me expand to outside my known reality, to shift to something closer to my divine purpose?

What will I be brought into my life today so I can be a better person tomorrow that will take me closer to all my dreams and desire?

The thing is I know everything I have asked for it is happening, I know it is coming. I know the mystical wonders of god and the Universe are working to deliver what I have asked for. I know why, because I got crystal clear, so clear I can see it, feel it, taste it and then I simply ask for it.

My excitement for what’s next, my passion for growth and my thirst knowledge, my desire to serve who needs me, these things are what drives me. I know the right people will show up in my life so that I can help guide them through their journey.

Rise with gratitude

I leap out of bed in the morning as I know the journey is the exciting thing. The discovery as it unfolds.

How do you get out of bed in the morning with a disheartened heart or a grateful full one?

A grateful heart and a happy soul will set you free. They will take you to places of acceptance and furfullment which will lead you to a place you only dreamt about. Totally happiness and joy!

And join a circle where you can share and feel the gratitude with other. For me, my retreats and membership groups are the place we thrive. This is the place we learn to get to! How to live in gratitude, we leap out of bed with the wonderment of what’s next. It’s a place we learn how to expand into the heart and fill our soul.

Watching these ladies transform and grow right now is what I am the most grateful for in my life. It’s like a passion ball is being thrown as me every second of every day.

Do what you love. Love what you do.

Do your soul purpose work, what it yurns for you to do. Set yourself FREE.

Surrender to the divine Universe. She has always got your back. She will always provide. She will always lead you to what you desire, what is meant to be!

So ask yourself why do you keep fighting it?

But first you need to be open with awareness within to receiving the juicy goodness on offer … are you open?

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