How I Healed Myself With My Mind – Energy Healing
heal the mind


The mind can be a magical place or an extremely scary one. 

Have you ever wondered how you just feel things and thoughts appear into your mind. And this happens beyond using your imagination. You don’t control them but yet there they are.

In this blog post, we explore what or who actually controls the mind and why being aware of this is pivotal to our healing. Yes, you can heal yourself with your mind. The mind is a key part of energy healing and being ready to ascend in your spiritual journey.

So what controls your mind and how do you heal it?

Deep down it is always a part of you. You get to decide if your thought is one of expansion or not. Hard to imagine you would want a thought to be negative or horrible or just not good for you. Why would you want yourself to be filled with anything but love right.

Well there are parts of you controlling your mind and their job is designed to keep you safe. So they throw ways to stop you from moving forward, from trying something new, doing something scary that you have never done before. The fear kicks in and the ego is activated to throw signs of stillness and uncertainty. To cause a sort of inner war until you just give up and go back to the familiar or cause some sort of self sabotage or overwhelm not to even start. 

Sad but true, and your ego is only doing its job.

When you can start to understand how to control and reprogram your mind into allowing you to do what you are desiring, that sort of push through feeling occurs and the voices get less. To move through we need to access inactive parts of our mind, parts that lie dormant, realising what your truth is and your self worthiness can undoubtedly set you free. Activating your soul blueprint and bring all this online for sully embodiment will cause a profound change in ones life.

As we shift into new Paradigms of being, knowing and embedding our higher self, our mindset should be brought into the space of higher self-connection and channelling. 

What you experience when healing the Mind

This is what you experience when healing the Mind through activation and bringing online your Mind Blueprint:

  • Removal of Limiting Beliefs holding you back to allow euphoric growth 
  • Patterns/Triggers uncovered and reprogrammed to healthy ones that serve you
  • Neurological Pathways rewired for your highest good 
  • Rewiring Subconscious Mind to bring on new ways of positive confirmation in what you do
  • Focus the Mind to be in a place of stillness and connecting to alignment 
  • Activate the Mind to Pleasure not pain 
  • Overcome Mind Manipulation 

Why does The Mind matter in energy healing?

The mind is such a beautiful and complex place. Do you find yourself often being ruled by your head as opposed to your heart? Although, you might feel that the mind is telling you the next logical step to take in life, it can also be the reason you are potentially holding yourself back from your true purpose!

Your belief system is like the architectural blueprint for a house—that someone else designed. Whether it’s finances, love, health—or any other aspect of your life—how you were raised, the lessons you were taught, and your home environment, all formed that blueprint. 

These blueprints are passed down through generations and become your reality. Your decisions are governed by these limiting beliefs, and you will find yourself often living in a fear-based or scarcity mindset because of that. 

Healing these limiting beliefs and opening up your mind to the world of possibilities is one more step towards your next level self-growth and activation! 

Are you ready to heal your mind?

I have launched the Soul Blueprint Incubator Mastermind which encompasses soul, mind, body, relationship, energy and purpose blueprints…all these form the BLUEPRINT that you need to get to the next level. It will be a blissful journey of alchemy, deep inner work, sweat and celebration, creating the perfect environment and community for us to feel safe in our own authenticity, leadership and creativity!

If you are ready to embody your greatness, clear what no longer serves you, tap into your infinite potential and upgrade every area of your life through the highest vibrations, then this is a Mastermind is for you! Check the link below to see when we launch next!

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Sending you so much love,

Leisa x

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