How to Balance Your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies
divine feminine and masculine energies


This one is for the ladies out there.

When you spend 24/7 working your business sometimes we forget to be the feminine Goddess and dance with both deep within your soul.

Our masculine and feminine energies go out of balance and we lose ourselves.

Yesterday I have noticed I have been in full masculine mode.

I have been in action mode, creating, living in my head and GO GO GO!

✨My vision is so big

✨Things are coming through me so fast

✨Ideas are expanding at rapid rate and while I am in flow I must not stop

When your feminine and masculine energies are out of balance

Yesterday, my body made me sit in the stillness, I decided to tune into her and a lot came to clarity. One being (and I see it so much with my clients right now) is I had been taking all the masculine energy in the house, bedroom and within my business😳🤷‍♀️

Where was the room for my hubby to step up and lead me when he knew I needed it. It is not that I was demasculating him, I was just not allowing him to hold me like he wanted to. I could not see, my blinkers were on so tight to my purpose work that I was not connecting to him in his full glory and leaning on him for strength.

I was not allowing one of my biggest asset to take the lead, to share in my evolution in this moment in time.

When you don’t let him be in his masculine

🤭He was not being heard

🤭He was not being honoured

🤭He was not being able to hold the space I needed 

🤭He was not being allowed to say Leisa sit down and listen to me

I was too busy running around that I did not sit still long enough to feel his needs, wants and connected to his energy. When I did, it was again abundant with strength, love, grounding sexual fire.

Being in this clarity within the stillness was like a wholeness within myself. When we sat down last night and talked, he knew what I needed and I allowed him to step into his masculine and be the king. Part of filling our cup is in the balance in life and in the balance of the feminine within us.

What happens when we do not balance our divine feminine and masculine energies

Boss babes and women on a mission, if we spend all our time in our masculine energy, the first thing that starts to go is the little girl. She closes down. This is one of our biggest joy connectors within ourselves! Then our wonderful aligned intuition starts to suffer, we are too much in our heads and not enough in our bodies! Then our self love and nurturing side goes to the wayside and we come depleted in so many ways! We become unbalanced, eventually we cannot sit in our full Goddess strength to master what we need in our business, relationship and more importantly within our self.

Last night I danced, did girly stuff, then we made love and I allowed myself to be 100% lead. I let him be in total masculine mode. Then today I booked a massage, spa treatment and will go play at the beach. Then later I will go into action mode within my business while embodying the feminine oneness I have set time to create with balance of what I need in this moment.

💎This is where the flow happens.

💎This is when you are at your best.

Just because you are a Goddess boss babe does not mean you are not a sexy feminine warrior in the house though surrendering to your man and if you don’t have a man then surrender to yourself fully and feel into your energy to where you are sitting and what you need right now. It is just a matter of balance siSTARS. It is a matter of understanding when to switch off and bring in the feminine Goddess and when to power up into your masculine.

Completely believe and it will up level your productivity and joy radar 10X!!

WHY, your biggest assets in life for your growth is your inner child connection to bring back the joy and your intuition working together long side the masculine aspects you hold so strongly within you as you create this empire and Queendom! 



If you are having trouble finding balance in your feminine and masculine energies flick me a message I would love to help. Join the facebook community and let’s chat!

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