What to do when your partner says you don’t listen
learn to pause and listen more


A man feels truly loved and nurtured when he is heard. So what happens when your partner tells you that you just don’t listen to him?

This was a massive realisation for me recently. I found myself never actually stopping and listening to what Neil had to say in the fullness of the moment while feeling into his works to full connect with him. Yes, I would not hear it completely nor ever encapsulate it into my body. I would sometimes not even give him time to finish what he had to say, although in my mind, he had finished. I just was not listening enough.

I was surface listening most of the time

I realised two important things:

  1. I was stopping him from totally expressing himself!
  2. I was stopping his flow from saying all he had within!

He would pause and I would talk! He would then go within, in his inner cave, without me knowing or realising it.

It is actually after the PAUSE that a man fully connects to what he is saying. THIS IS A FACT, SISTERS! There is still so much more for them to unlock while they process it in their minds.

I encourage and challenge you, when you think they have finished, just wait and pause. That’s when all the juicy bits start coming out, I PROMISE!

Men are processors of information

As women, we love to talk, right? Men are so different: they are PROCESSORS. Women, especially if we are business-owners, are already thinking 10 steps ahead. When a woman cuts her man off, most of the time not realising, we demasculate them. They feel not heard, they feel they are not truly seen for who they are.

THEY SLOWLY CLOSE INTO A PLACE OF, SADLY, “WHY BOTHER”! They only do enough to chime in and when we feel they are losing interest, it is because we have not allowed them to be heard( which is a high form of BEING SEEN!)

So what does he end up doing? Yes, he shuts down his voice. He says just what we need to hear. He goes within. It’s easier than the frustration of allowing himself to be truly heard.

When I started pausing and being totally present with every word, Neil spoke, and our relationship completely shifted. Sounds so simple but yet I never did it!

He started doing so many things for me without asking, the affection became and still is electric, our bond is even stronger, we are one.

Focus on the connection

I no longer take his crown. I let him have his voice and I let him have all of me when he speaks. The Divine Feminine within me takes the front seat.

When a true connection of the minds of two people is explosive and flows to every part of your relationship.

I would love to hear your thoughts, especially the men. Do you feel that women demasculate you without even realising?

Love always,

Leisa x

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