We are all energetically linked, it just depends on your vibration for who you attract into your life at a single moment in time.

I have just finished a lot of forgiving of people that in some way or another I held some sort of anger or resentment towards. For it is not their fault why I felt this way. I know from my experience to receive I needed to release all those negative emotions, its that simple. There are certainly people I have energetically and purposefully released, but I thank them so much for being apart of my journey and helping me grow. I have learned lessons from everyone I have crossed paths with in one way or another. I will be forever grateful to each and ever one of you for what you brought into my life. I take the lesson I learnt and I move forward on my journey towards my higher self in the most highest vibration yet.

You have all in some special way helped bring me to this very moment in time and I am forever so deeply grateful to you 💖

Just want to send a massive THANK YOU for the people showing up in my life right now, I know you are all here for a special reason and I for one cannot wait to find out why. To the incredible ones that stuck with me through my darkest of days. The ones that never judged me. The ones that only looked down on me to lift me up and still do. I simply adore and love you, again so much heart 💞 felt gratitude 🙏 to you.

To the man that just holds the most sacred space for me always. You are my rock no matter what life throws at us. Neil the day I meet you I was reborn. You are my light when I am feeling dark, my strength when I am feeling weak, you are my everything. When I am with you we are one ❤️

To all my beautiful friends, family and divine clients, I wrap my arms around you everyday with love, even if we are not standing together I know you feel me because I feel you !



Kisses, Leisa

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