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I got asked today what am I afraid of ? “whats the worst thing that could happen”?

WOW that’s a thing I have never thought of. I live in the bliss of creating my future and that does not include anything bad.

My mind went quiet , I was so still ! Nothing was coming to me.

Is it resistance to confront what scares me or is it resistance to focus on the negative?

I dont know !

So I know you have stopped and thought about what you are afraid of. Did it come easy? Do you live in the mindset of struggle or victim?

A few years ago and maybe even a few months ago that question would have been super easy to answer. I would have done a big list. That’s a piece of cake, then I would have consumed the whole bloody cake and baked a few more!

I was a victim, a victim in my life. I allowed this to be my focus, my patterns and beliefs were around things are too good what bad thing is going to happen as life only goes so well for a while and then BOOM shit rolls in. OMG I brought the shit on. I actually used to manifest it and create it. I went looking for it without even thinking about it. If I couldn’t find it I created it. I made it happen.

I LOVED the struggle of getting out of the shit. It was a place I was comfortable in, a place I understood and I loved being in.


I felt safe.
I knew it
It was my comfy place
And I played my part like a star

It was horrible, It was shit but it was mine and I knew it.

When the struggle became too big, life threatening I knew it was do or die….literally. So I had to discover a new comfy zone! One that i could be safe in. One that would become my new home.

It was hard… but worth it
It took time… but who doesnt have that
It took patience… that one I am still learning
It took commitment.. but I am worth it
It took love… once I found it

So what do you commit to?
Are you worth it?

Life is for the living, how are you showing up?



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