The Problems with Instant Gratitude
instant gratitude on social media


Who else here is an instant gratitude girl or boy?


I do something and I want to see the results like NOW! HURRY UP ALREADY, GIVE IT TO ME! The sad thing is I used to be someone who would quit if I didn’t see results fast! Thank God I shifted that paradigm.

Funny thing, last weekend I said the WORST WORDS OUT LOUD!

“I might as well not be posting as no one seems to be reading them. Look at the comments, am I just wasting my time and energy?”



But see, this is what instant gratitude does to you. It makes you want and NEED more now. And that’s causing you more harm than good.

Instant gratitude makes you feel you waste time

Here’s why:

No 1: Putting that out into the Universe is a massive NO-NO… It’s basically manifestation done wrong! Want to learn more about it? Check out my blog post on manifestation and why you are doing it wrong!

No 2: The world has become about being a social media lurker, We all watch and look, read and listen but we have lost the human contact and strangely the thing that helped cause it the most right here, is now a place it happens as well! To give someone a WELL DONE or CONGRATS or THANK YOU. And especially if you promote something, people just keep scrolling.

No 3: I do believe the right people will see them and I will help heal them in ways I don’t need to know or understand.

No 4: My perfect client who feels my energy knows where I am and they know what I will do when they are ready to connect with me. They know I am ready to receive them and it is just time and space for them.

Instant gratitude – the social media lurker

Well, this week I thought about myself and realised I had become a bit of a lurker 👀 , watching in the shadows! I made a pact to share some love on people’s pages instead of just watching. If I was feeling like this, imagine how many others are and why would I not support the ones I love and respect. So I have been spreading the love of people’s posts, in actual fact, it has halved my scrolling as I am laser-focused! It has helped me to realign my social media and unfollow a shit load I don’t resonate with! I want to make an impact in people’s lives so lifting them up has definitely lifted my own vibration.

Another funny thing happened: I got three messages from people that have not commented on any of the “Exposure My Truth 23” daily posts saying how much they are loving them and how much I have helped them.

Then Tuesday two girls in the gym said they read them, one said she fell asleep halfway through lol… but she finished it off when she woke up. I promise I try to make them smaller, but when it flows, it flows baby!

I had one of my extremely close friends who no longer watches anything I do this week unsubscribe to my emails. And that is okay, I am not what she needs right now! Take the knock and no, it is actually not about you.

Oh and one of my BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD comments and likes other people stuff all the time and once every six months likes or comments on something. Am I upset or do I stop: 100% HELL NO💓💓💓

Don’t look for instant gratitude

So my message is don’t look for instant gratitude and never expect others to do what you think they will, this leads to emotional disappointment. If you are building a business, sharing a message or on a mission, keep going. Remember, it takes time. The right people are looking, they are lurking, just keep that energy vibrating high, stay in your zone, on your path and the ones that need you and are your tribe will be like moths to a flame…. your flame!

Life is a journey, not a destination so sit back, say bye to instant gratitude and enjoy the ride!

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