How do you know if you are on the right path in life?

I found myself sitting in NZ three months ago thinking what am I doing now. Why am I feel unsettled and restless. Why am I just not feeling into my life right now. I felt lost, almost like I was living in someone else’s body. My head was fuzzy, the words were SO loud nothing else could get through, I just didn’t feel like me.

But then who was I ?
What was I meant to be doing ?
Where was I meant to be ?
Who was I meant to be surrounding myself with ?

I was cloudy.
I was confused.
I was missing something.

Have you ever felt like that ? I actually know you have right !

I didn’t know what to do first. So I did something I had never done before. Something I wish I had learnt years ago … I completely stopped !

I stopped doing everything
I rested
I was still
I let myself breathe
I truly came home to me
I listened for the answer in the silence
I listened for the signs of what to do in my stillness

I slowly awakened to myself

I released the frantic energy of needing to know
I released the need to know what was next
I released the need to push myself


We get so caught up in needing to know right now. Caught up In the where, what, who, when ! Screw the W’s.

Sometime we need to REST and RELEASE. Be still to hear what we need to. We all have a path in life and a beautiful purpose. Trust in the process and completely believe in you! IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE … Right after this I had the biggest breakthrough of my life x

Take the time you need when you do, to be still, so you can come home to you!



Kisses, Leisa

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