The Sweet and Scary Story of Letting Go


That unique moment you feel you’re living your life walking down the street naked with a massive smile on your face, ready to let the wind take you with nothing but love in your heart, is the day you have fully surrendered and let go.

It is the day you have moved over your most significant road bump in this human existence!

Some of the things that don’t matter anymore at that point:

  • What your bank account looks like.
  • How many friends you have.
  • If you don’t know what is next.
  • If you have a plan.

Nothing else matters except your sweet surrender to knowing you will have it all, whatever that looks like.

This is where the magic lies. That’s the sweet moment; you are truly starting to get it right. This was when I had my most incredible reset in life.

Letting Go: This is the day of activation

You are open, ready for heroic change.

This is the day the transformation starts—the calling in of what you desire. You don’t need to see it as you can feel it, and that is what matters. That is the secret sauce.

Detach from the outcome because it simply doesn’t matter.

Relinquish the mind is my new mantra! My new way of being! The mind is the part of you that creates confusion, fear, conditions, control, manipulation, ego-driven motivation. This is the part that steers you down the more challenging way to go, making it messy. Simply delaying the inevitable with twists and turning you towards the uncomfortable way.

Never be afraid of what is coming, what has been! Because all that truly matters, all we can truly control is our breath in this sweet moment in time. The rest is unwritten. The how to get there is not needed to know.

Open yourself up to fall in love with the unexpected. Get unbelievably euphorically excited about what is next. Connect it to joy, open your heart, feel your worthiness.

Nothing else matters, the voices, other peoples opinions. Only what you find joy and love in. That is your one true path; the rest is just noise!

You dare to stand on your own. Embody the courage.

Believe, trust in you!

Let life catch you by surprise…

You are worthy of it all.

Rip off those masks, live your truth—anyone else’s opinions is of no concern of yours.

Oh, can you feel yourself naked?

How good does that feel – zero limitations and all the freedom, with total gratification.

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