Are You In A Toxic Environment? How To Live in Your Power
no more toxic environment


no more toxic environment


Guys, this is a game-changer!

In this arena, it is about boundaries and setting the standards for what YOU want in your life.

If you do nothing else, CHOOSE with laser awareness who you spend your time with! Only align with people who make your heart sing and hold a place for yourself no matter what!

I have a LONG list of non-negotiables to who I allow into my life.

My inner circle is sacred, as are the divine people I allow in and gift my time and energy with. If you leave someone tired and drained – there is a clue… run!!!

I am talking about everywhere in your life: clients, friends, mentors, family (YEP), your team… EVERYONE!

If the energy is not an equal exchange, then it is a NO.

If I feel that person is looking down at me or thinks they are better than me, it is a NO.

If they don’t respect me in any way and cross over boundaries, it is a NO.

If I feel they don’t have a clear heart, integrity, honesty and no matter what and the most important, lead with love, then it is a NO.

If I feel a team member is not aligned to my mission or values and it becomes about them not the work we are here to do, then it is a NO.

If someone lives in victimhood or ego and tries to project onto me, then it is a NO.

If I feel they’re not congruent, sitting in truth and aligned to create a better world through a space of giving back first, then it is a NO!

If they reflect their bullshit onto you afterwards and it is a mirror to you triggering them, then it is a HELL NO!

My life is filled with uplifting, heart-centered, high-vibing energy powerhouse divine humans who give and give with equal exchange and honor where I am at ALWAYS. Plus, they are not afraid to speak their truth no matter what. It is always done with the purest of LOVE!


And then you know just by feeling someone’s energy if you walk away or sit down!

Recently, I didn’t listen to my intuition. I saw what she would do, I felt her envy on my life but I thought her heart was pure… or “hoped” is a better word.

I gave 100% with my heart

I wanted to help her as she was in a dark place in her life. I did not think 100% if it was in alignment and I let her walk all over my boundaries. I wanted to believe and have her as a friend more than my gut was saying RUN! Yep, I then got royally kicked in the teeth with no looking back from how she affected my life… in fact, she did it to others I found out. How had I let a Narcissist into my life?!


If something feels off about someone, LISTEN to your inner guidance system, no matter how they manipulate your friendship to a state of co-dependency, LISTEN!

Being in a toxic environment is a choice

It is a choice who sits in your life right now!

It is a choice who you spend your time with!

It is a choice who you let in!

It is a choice who you align your business with!

It is a choice how much you invest in a friendship or client!

Set your boundaries so high, set your non-negotiables in life even higher, and command a level of friendship even higher!

BE around people who make you want to be a better person and when you are in their energy field, that literally happens!

As you evolve and shift, so do the standards of who you allow into your field. So don’t be afraid to walk away!

Watch also as you command this who starts to show up in your life. Making room is so much fun as the excitement is in the new level of love you will receive.

Oh, and be okay with your inner field only being a few as well.

Personal Growth and Toxic Environment

It is not about quantity – it is about the QUALITY of what they bring to your life. It really does go so much deeper than just the above, which is for another time…

So please know if you are in my world, I am honored to have you beside me. I am grateful for your love and I cherish you 100% while I give myself to you unconditionally. I know who I am and I know what I want, so if you are in my life you are truly an amazing human and I love you.

What are some of your non-negotiables to who and what you allow into your life?

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