Love & Relationship Activation

Love & Relationship Identity Activation

Reset and Rewire: Call in the relationship and love you desire, without limitations.

Prepare to release what no longer serves you in the realm of attracting your desired partner. 

This session will reset your perceived level of worthiness, allowing you to attract what you desire (not what you currently attract) through subconscious programming and the programming received as a child.

During this session, we start with a grounding meditation, followed by a light language clearing that will reset you at a cellular and DNA level. Then, slowly we work to remove toxic programming and emotions stored in your body – the ones stopping you from calling in the love you deserve – and start to release old wounds of love. 

Finally, we will end with a heartfelt visualisation and call within your emotional body to the partner you know you are worthy of – with confidence and certainty.


Set aside 45 minutes in a quiet area to journal about how your ideal relationship looks and feels. 


I would like you to set a timer for 30 minutes. Be in a place where you will not be disturbed; to allow zero distraction make sure you silence your phone. 

Start with a meditation to still the mind and become present in the moment. When doing this sort of subconscious flow, it is best to let go of control and allow whatever needs to channel through flow. Try to have zero expectations. Instead, feel the energy and emotions of what it will be like when you are in your ideal heart-aligned relationship. The one that brings you the pleasure, fun and happiness you know you deserve and have always wanted. 

Start writing it out. Focusing on how you want to feel, how they show up for you, and how they make you feel. What do they do for you that makes you feel you are unconditionally loved? 

Then go deeper, bring in all your senses. Feeling the energy that sparks between you, how does that make you feel? The frequency you live in; the passion you enjoy. What do you like to do for fun, laughter, or joy? 

Then, even more juicy, start visualising a day when you are with your ideal mate. By being present in this moment and creating what you desire, you are beginning to solidify it and call it in. Your worthiness is shifting, and you are starting to release old beliefs on how you deserve to be loved and treated… Imagine it all coming to you. Visualisation is one of the most potent manifesting tools available to us. 

All through this, write, write, write. A little trick I like if I feel like I cannot write anymore is to go back, read and expand on anything that stands out or you are focusing on wanting the most. The mind likes to trick you by going blank, but I promise there is always more. Move past that ego blocking you, the old beliefs and allow the flow of desire to take over. Now is an excellent time to start bringing in that energy of love.
Connecting with your heart to let kindness and love to move through you will shift your frequency to manifestation status!

Once you have come to a place where you feel like nothing else needs to come through. Write 2-3-4 paragraphs that embody this new love and soul relationship.


Throughout my interview and this session, a few beliefs that do not serve you around having the partner of your dreams would have surfaced. Take a moment to acknowledge them and write them down. Now cross each one out and create a new belief that serves your new relationship identity and write a new one that does.

Now you are ready to move on to the recording of activation transmission. But, again, if you are doing this in one sitting, it is best to go outside and put your feet into Mother Nature to ground yourself. 

Now prepare a space for you to do the activation. Perhaps light a candle, sage then area including you, set out any crystal you may feel called may call you to have around you. Then either lie down or sit up, whichever feels more comfortable and read the embodiment identity you summarised in the previous step. 

When you are reading, feel into it with emotion. Set the intention to step into the energy of love. To allow this new relationship and new belief system you have just created to become your reality.

Press play and close your eyes to enjoy the light language DNA and cellular sound transmission.

When finished, I encourage 15 minutes minimum to integrate and allow the body to return home. Sometimes our soul can travel to support us on the journey. Give yourself some time. You may feel something, and you may feel nothing. All you need to do is read that statement and step into that person’s energy. 

One day you will wake up and know it is done, and you no longer need to do anything except flow from that state.

I encourage you to read your relationship statement every day for thirty days. This will reprogramme your neurological pathways and upgrade your worthiness to having what you desire.

I would love to know how you went with this potent process. Please feel free to email me at or message me on Instagram or Facebook @leisanadler. I also have a private Facebook group called “Seat Of The Soul”, where I do free programs and have a magical community where you can immerse yourself.

Sending blessings and love to you,