Limiting beliefs about money that are holding you back!
leisa nadler limiting beliefs


I use to hold a limiting belief that I needed to have money to play big in life and business! I would think I needed a lot of money to be successful in life and play big like I dreamed when I was a child. As if if I didn’t have money I couldn’t do what I desired! I use to think if I didn’t have money, how could I ever be like that person who had what I wanted. They have money, of course, they can do it all.

But I learnt to challenge and overcome those limiting beliefs about money. This allowed me to realign and reconnect with my higher self and live in true abundance. In today’s blog I will tell you exactly why limiting beliefs about money will hold you back!

Some common limiting beliefs about money I had

  1. I could never do what she is because I don’t have ….
  2. I could never have that as I don’t have …
  3. I could never live that life because I need ……. first
  4. I could never do what she does and be as successful as them as I am not ……

These were just stories that ran in my head.

That’s all they were, just stories I had made up in my own little mind as to why I couldn’t push through that fear and how I kept myself in my safe zone for all these years.

Limiting beliefs that kept me playing in my safe zone

They programmed to me throughout my childhood. Keeping me in this box and not allowing me to “fly, baby”. Spread my wings, leap off that cliff and fly!

  1. I realised I had been playing SO small!
  2. I realised I was waiting for money before I could do what I wanted.
  3. I released I was waiting to be this certain person before I took that leap
  4. I realised I was always waiting for something before I did that thing!


I had reached that moment where I either stayed small and kept living in this current life or I fantasy leapt into the one I desired…

I LEAPED AND I LEAPED BIG! I leaped into that life, that identity like it was already DONE.

The first time was when I committed to my first BIG GODDESS RETREAT!

I felt the ego stepping in and saying who are you to do this. I felt the fear of how will you pay the $10k plus for the accommodation Leisa, I felt sick, I felt fear of failure and I felt fear of success.. I felt it ALL… I sold that retreat out and I felt into an abundant flow like nothing else. That without a doubt was the turning point in my life and business!

Then three months ago I did it again I expanded my realm of self worth and I leaped. This time even bigger than ever before and in multiple ways. I took my soul staff to six. I spent more money than I had ever done. I did more new things than ever before. Most importantly I realigned my beliefs, I shifted to new levels of worthiness, trusted even deeper in me through aligned intuitive committed, I gave more than ever before AND the reflection I made more money in a month than I ever had before! The second biggest turning point in my life and business

Trust yourself to new levels!

And thank God, the Universe, the Divine, and YOUR SOUL for navigating you and your higher self. Allow them to lead the way.

My beautiful ones, when it is a SOUL HELL YES – DO IT!

When your gut has that anticipation of something good and you get ignited with a passion that fills your tank to explosion levels – DO IT

When you can visualise with all your heart, to the expansion level of ultimate joy, the end result and see it in all its GLORY, DO IT!

When you think about it and your higher self sends the most wonderful all over GOOSEBUMPS – DO IT!

When you decide to release the fear of WHY and HOW and you smile the biggest smile of I have got this – DO IT

🧨Hell yes, I was scared,
🧨Hell yes, I had the fear
🧨Hell yes, I had anxiety
🧨Hell yes, I second-guessed myself

But I realised if I kept living my life in a place of scarcity, fear or the illusion I had to have something before I could live my life with purpose and passion, then I would still be in my box. I would not have just helped alongside three other phenomenal women, to change a group of goddess’s lives by saying YES TO ME FIRST!

Don’t let the stories to why you cannot do something get in the way

Remember they are just stories leading you to the illusion of why you cannot do something. Plus add in some subconscious programming of old beliefs that have you living this life you have created right now. Break free and with the connection to your soul allow yourself to think big, act big and do big things.

What is on the other side of fear is the greatest joy you could ever imagine. It is where your true strength lies waiting for you.

Push through my darling one, you have got this!
If I can serve you through my services in helping you break through please reach out.



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