FREE Morning Grounding Meditation

Sunshine Coast, Australia Retreat 2021 - Leisa Nadler

Meditation means something different to everyone and it also means something different in every session when we strive for the ultimate place of inner peace. When meditating there is no such thing as a bad one: all is perfect and aligned for what you need in every moment so just allow and connect to your breath for oneness through stillness. Meditation is something to be practiced and with this, you will increase focus and discipline within your life.

Practitioners of meditation are able to retain focus on specific tasks and are less likely to deviate from those tasks. Meditation increases one’s ability in what psychologists call “self-regulation.” Reduces Stress and Anxiety. Meditation allows you to feel your body and release the mind. A Knowledge and deep connection of self is brought forth when we allow ourselves to be present in the moment of stillness and calmness follows. We also can receive incredible downloads of understanding and messages. Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self.Also through meditation, we can gain a better understanding of our life’s purpose.

Some instructions so that you make the best use of your meditation audio:
This meditation is a divine grounding meditation where I take you to the Mother Tree to ground and be still. It is a profound experience.

1. Make sure you visualise that tree and use your imagination to take you there and embody the sensations. I also use Light Language to drop you into your body and allow the flow of the surrender to the nothing. A divine clearing to remove any emotions that may be being felt that you allow to flow out will occur. Light Language is something to be received, not to be understood.

2. Don’t forget intentions when meditating – they have a profound effect so each session.  Ask for what you need to know, gain clarity, or a deeper understanding. It may not come out during your session but allow yourself to surrender to the signs to receive what you have asked for.

3. Make sure you save this audio file in a place you can find and access easily.

Love, Leisa xx