leisa nadler


My message to the world is simple
My message is very clear

My message will touch one person at a time I deliver it by touch not by voice. I deliver it by knowledge of someone that has been totally broken! Of someone that has had so much self hate. Of someone that was stuck in a life that all they wanted was to get out!

I see you !
I understand you !
I have been YOU !

NOW I want to help you !

SO everyone that knows me knows I want to make an impact in people lives, that’s a no brainer ! I already have helped so many transform ! To love what you do is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself ! I love what I do and who wouldn’t ? Above all I am so GRATEFUL that I do and the right people show up. The people that know they are simply “BORN 4 MORE” !

SO what do I mean by MORE you ask!

More money well YES
More love well YES that too
More freedom well HELL YES who doesn’t want that
More time to do it all in YES
More abundance ABSOLUTELY

But what I mean above anything else is MORE “POWER”!

To claim back the power they have inside !

The power they lost by a past that we think defines our future ! The power that gives you SELF ACCEPTANCE just the beautiful way you are !
The power inside that gives you permission to own your life with unshakeable SELF WORTH!
The power inside that set you on fire to have phenomenal SELF BELIEF to do anything you desire !


I want the women to know that no mater what they have been through they can change. Your past is just that, it has happened, you cannot change it. I spent so long wallowing in mine and thinking that is the person I am. But I know you want to create something more. I know you can feel it, but you just keep pushing it aside.

You keep playing in the game that is your current reality.
You keep playing in your past life.

Come with me and play in your right NOW !

Play in your power !
Stand in your self-belief !
Appreciate your amazing self worth !

Wallow in your SELF LOVE like a pig in mud… total BLISS !!

Have you ever seen a pig in mud, holy shit they are so in love with that moment. So happy with the small things, so much gratitude, they dont care about anything else but that moment. Seriously wallow in the mud not the SHIT!

Release the shit.

Own your worth !

Live in YOUR TRUTH !




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