New Zealand Tour Begins – Life of an Entrepreneur


Just touched down!
Where am I now?
What country am I in?

Then I smile to myself and think what’s the next adventure, what’s the next open experience I will have. Who will I meet, what will I learn, who’s life can I change today!

Living in gratitude is what sets my soul on fire. It is what lights me up and drives me to new heights. Gratitude ignites me.. no matches needed!

I do sometimes feel like I live on a plane, up down up down, going from place to place, country to country. Through so many different time zones, weather changes and cultural shifts. Funny enough I do wake up sometimes and think where am I or even more funny when I am half asleep which way to the toilet.

I just had the pleasure of staying in warm beautiful Bali, one country for 7 weeks. I feel like at times I need to stop and ground myself. Unpack that suitcase and just breathe. But I feel grounded and alive full of so much adrenaline at my next adventure. This trip is different as this trip I have traveled home, I am in my own home country for a few months. Time to spend with family and friends and actually take a few days to be present and tranquil within my own mind and body. First stop buy a yoga mat and a good coffee!

It is funny as an entrepreneur how when you travel it is easy to get distracted and fall out of the flow you built and the task at hand is play but ALWAYS hustling with heart! I always always always have strict non negotiable and structure. My rule, check out my schedule and set it before I leave one country to go into the next. For me, being a serial entrepreneur and strategic mindset coach, I need it. I need to be focused when i am working that’s for sure I am 100% always in. And when I am at play its 100% ME!

Intention is set, the rules are formed and my next 10 weeks will roll out with s sense and well-being around as much normality as I can. This is what keeps me grounded, keeps me in the flow and strategic deadlines are always meet with ease! It is so easy to get distracted enough when you have not set hard rules to live by, no boss, no children, no animals, nothing except your man but then he is on the same mission so we are as one.

The first part of my journey I am alone, I am in one country and he is in another. Good old Australia verses New Zealand this time in love! In two weeks he will be here and then the real NZ tour begins. This trip is about catching up with loved ones, presenting on of our new business to NZ and showing my love my beautiful tranquil and scenic country of birth. TO say I am excited at this would be an understatement. To see him light up and experience the beauty of my country will be EPIC, my heart will be full .. oh and at least no more smart arse Aussie comments about 4 days of nice warm weather a year! Bring it baby, time to show you the divine!

To go home to to go to the place you were made, obviously, and what i mean by that is not just a place you came out of your mother but a place you were constructed! That breathe everything you know are, your beliefs, patterns, why you do what you do, think what you think, say what you say, why you dress how you dress, eat breath. You may not like everything you do. think or belief so I have always said if you want to do deep mindset work GO HOME!

Your family is a divine reflection of you times 1000! It is a place I am triggered, like seriously triggered so to go home is like Xmas but it is also where I go with some apprehension. I know I will grow, I know I will be tested, I know I need to do he work internally, but it wont be easy! I know its not about the people I will spend my time with, it is about childhood memories, its about the reflection i will see and not always like. How many times do you hear yourself going “OMG I sound like my Mum” hahahaha I know I say it a lot (no disrespect Mum!). But I do look at her life and all the heartache she has endured, the loss she has had, the person she should have been if circumstances had not prevailed and i feel sad. But then why? Why do I feel this when she is so happy, she is alive with laughter and love, why do i get to say how sad I am for her. Why do I sit in judgement and analyse what could have been. Why because deep down I want more! I want the polar opposite in so many ways to what is in her life and I don’t want the constant struggle, I want the ease! I don’t want the heartache, lack of money and unhappiness of wanting more! I want the total abundance. Funny how we can look at a life and see what we don’t want and not think OMG she had it all, her all was fulfilled with so much joy and happiness. But reality is not my all. What I do want is her heart, her laugh, you great big smile, her desire to make everything wonderful and help anyone that needs it. I want to be like her is so many ways but i also want to be like ME! The me i lost the me i have only recently found. 44 years I was lost, lost in a different mindset of thinking, feeling, living, connecting, understanding and one I was wired to at a very very young age!

Rewind forward 6 days and for the first time in a few years I find myself bed ridden with a cold. A COLD! How did that happen am I not the healthiest person I know. An I not someone that because of what I do and the life I lead I have to put health on a petal stool and admire it, worship it and live it 100% everyday. Entrepreneurs are always striving for that high vibration, energy exploding, mind whirling explosion, GO GO GO and the glass is always full! So I find myself extremely unfamiliar territory. Here is a Facebook past I wrote in my Facebook group “Soulful Mind & Body Empowerment” Facebook group that explains it so well that as a entrepreneur time is always of essence and work smarter not harder is my motto…..

So I get to New Zealand clear the schedule, stop working for 48 hours and what happens… throat chakra kicks in. Sore throat, bring on flu!

You may think well that’s normal. You know they saying when you stop you get sick!

Well yes but I know different. I know my body is telling me something. Sending me a message. So what am I holding back? I FEEL IT, the biggest up level coming on I have had yet, my biggest growth and transformation!


WHY won’t I let it happen!
WHAT am I avoiding!
SO it’s journal time….

This is the time I ask myself….

What am I resisting!
What am I not voicing?
What part of my life am I not balanced in?
Am I not speaking my truth within myself?
What transformation am I not letting happen!
What am I avoiding doing?
What does my soul need right now?

Biggest question “Where do I need to heal internally”?

Our bodies speak to us all the time, we just need to stop and listen!

Sometimes they send dramatic messages like illness! We need to understand it is part of a greater plan! I don’t know about you but I find it extremely hard to STOP. Sometimes

I don’t want to stop and I guess the reality of it is I am avoiding what’s trying to come up. I don’t want to deal with whatever it is. Funny thing is if we don’t we won’t move forward and bigger bummer it keeps coming up sometimes in worse ways until we do release it!


Without it we don’t change.
Without it we stay stuck.
Without it we are in the struggle.
Without it we do not grow.
Without it we do not transform.
Without it we live in the same patterns!

We need to have the courage to make the choices we need to make, accept what we cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference.


We need to have faith in our DIVINE Universe and understand that everything we need it WITHIN us right NOW!


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