Pause for a moment


I sit here and think about the year gone by. It is a time for reflection yes, ending a year with the excitement of what lies within the next year.

I see people saying OMG I cannot wait for this year to be over and the next to start. People saying they have had a crappy year.

Really HAVE YOU ?

Are you on the same earth as me, do you wake up to breath the divine fresh air, feel the beautiful warm water on your skin as you shower. Do you walk on this earth that has been created and gifted to you. Do you have food and water to nourish your body throughout the day, that fuels the amazing vessel that carries you around everyday. Do you look around you and see any of the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

Pause for a moment, take a deep breathe, look around you and then release. How good does that feel !

Do you live in GRATITUDE ?

When I put pen to paper and I write out all the beautiful things that was brought into my life by what I have manifested this year, its a list I know I will never will never finish, it just keeps flowing. On that list is not one materialistic thing, not one thing I have brought not one thing I have had to have money to obtain, it is the complete happiness “I” have created into my life. The memories of my Mum smiling for the first time in so long after my Dad’s passing. It is that memory of deep down laughter coming from Neil when I make a joke or do something silly. It is that hug from a friend when I needed it the most. It is that phone call from my brother to just say I love you. It is those life transforming messages of thank you and enlightenment from my beautiful Goddess’s clients I have coached. Who have had a breakthrough of growth and empowerment within themselves. It is these memories of happiness that drive me everyday. To me everyday is a day of gratitude, happiness and love for all things.

When you focus on the juicy love stuff you get more of that. When you focus on the shit guess what ! 6 years ago now my life was one big pile of crap of shit day in and day out. Trust me, focus on the juicy love stuff!

I suppose when I think abut it my life is one big never ending year. I reflect at the start of every month. Life for me is about beginnings, not endings. One big year of ups, downs highs and yes lows. This is part of our journey of life. Life is about growth. Life is about discovery. Life is about learning from the hard times. Life is about surrender to what not only lies within but also learning to do the best with what you have, right now, and discovering what wonder you have buried within. Everything is a choice right?

Take the time to realise this wonder called life is a journey not a destination, so don’t be in such a hurry to get there. Enjoy the ride and take the happiness in every moment and every memory.

Spend a week writing down everyday all the things of beautify around you and all the things that come into it you are grateful for, the smaller the better. Watch it expand and love the journey again.

Love and light
xx, Leisa

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