A Conversation About Being Sober with Victoria Vanstone

The Art of Quantum Healing - Episode 21
The Art of Quantum Healing
The Art of Quantum Healing
A Conversation About Being Sober with Victoria Vanstone
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Let’s talk about drinking!

For those who’ve known me for a while, you know that I’ve always been real and raw about my relationship with alcohol in the past. And the years of work to heal myself so that I could mend that relationship, reconnect with my mind, body, and soul to transform my life in the most long-lasting and epic way.

But today, it’s not MY story that I wanted to share with you!

Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with @Victoria Vanstone, an amazing woman who shared all about her personal addiction to alcohol, the deeper meaning of that addiction, and all the work she did to become sober.

We went deep into understanding ourselves, women, and how alcohol is often used as a relief or defense mechanism against emotions or beliefs that we do not want to feel at that very moment.

Victoria is a British-born mum that lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and has been writing about her sobriety for three years. She is the host of the popular podcast Sober Awkward and is currently working on her first book about breaking free from being a hungover parent.

If this resonates with you, I guarantee that this is a conversation you will not want to skip!

Listen to Victoria on her Podcast Sober Awkward here: https://www.drunkmummysobermummy.com/podcasts-1