Navigating The Feeling That There’s Nothing To Look Forward To

The Art of Quantum Healing - Episode 6
The Art of Quantum Healing
The Art of Quantum Healing
Navigating The Feeling That There's Nothing To Look Forward To
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When we face difficulties, obstacles and chaos in the world, we may often find ourselves asking ourselves “What is the point of even trying?” because “there is nothing to look forward to”.

A deep feeling of demotivation finds its way to the core of our being. It often feels like we are not in control, no matter how much we try and motivate ourselves. The minute we have to do the thing, we lose all interest, invaded by a sense of submissiveness, hopelessness, boredom, and not caring.

When we cannot bring ourselves to do the things that spark joy or that we know are good for us, there are ways to snap out of this state of mind. It requires work, but with discipline and a system, things can begin to shift dramatically and you can “unstuck” yourself from this exhausting slump.

Listen to today’s episode of the Art Of Quantum Healing Podcast to find out!

I am excited to see you start putting your health and happiness first, my beautiful soul!