Preparing For My 10-Day Plant Medicine Journey


In this article, I share with you my preparation for my 10-day plant medicine journey with Ayahuasca. When I wrote this article, I was on day four of my pre-detox for my 10 days of healing. So many exciting things to share – my hope is that my blogs can help you if you are also considering plant medicine as a form of healing and moving to the next phase in your spiritual journey.

Preparing for my Plant Medicine Journey: Day 4

Well, it is game on to the next level of evolution!

It is day four, and I am in full swing with the pre detox. I start my intense plant journey next Wednesday with “The Tree Of Wisdom and Light”.

There are only three of these trees in the world. My plant came from Peru, for which I am so blessed and grateful.

The last few days, my body has been exiling a lot of toxins. We hold so much toxicity, mind, body, and soul within us, but I don’t think we realise genuinely how much.

Please take a moment to read the labels of your skincare, soap, shampoo, cleaning products anything in your house you consume. If it is in the air, it still lands on your largest organism, your skin or through your breath.

If it is in a packet or tin can check out the label, the food you eat has ingredients that would scare you if you knew what it did to your body. I know you have heard this all before, but my hope this time is you will take forward motion. We need to go back to the purest form of anything we consume and not just food; ask yourself what are my ears and eyes consuming.

Excited for what is to come!

This journey I am going on is not one for this, but it shows me how far I must go to become the most healthy, vibrant version of me. How my vessel, my body is key to it all. I was proud last week to say to someone I didn’t have a doctor and had never needed one in at least the previous four years.

Well, for now, as I deep cleanse, the headaches, the low energy, the lack of mental clarity, fogginess mixed with a lot of giddiness is real. As I sit to wait to push through the other side to euphoric bliss, but for now, I am honouring my body and allowing the process. Sweet surrender, you teach so much!

Send some much love as always,


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