Leisa Nadler International Retreats is a divine collection of inspirational and world class destinations designed specifically for those who wish to self-actualize and fully align with their mind, body and soul.

Retreat to stunning locations, full of transformative yoga sessions, decadent spa treatments and a health and wellbeing program like no other, that will spark your mind, body and soul, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and whole.

Nourish your body with healthy organic meals made with love by our chefs. While your every need is met, our team of world-class facilitators will crack down your core issues, lead you to the edge of your limitations, and equip you with new tools to burst through your boundaries. Retreat programs offer a variety of personal development and deep reflection retreats for women, men and couples.


Australia - March 2023

Come join us for a divine weekend of enlightenment, growth, and deep awakening, as you learn how to embrace who you truly are and fully embody who you are born to be.

New Zealand 2023/24

More details & information to come

Italy 2023/24

More details & information to come

Croatia 2023/24

More details & information to come


Leisa Nadler

Leisa Nadler has the soul of a Gypsy Warrior, the heart of a Wild Woman and spirit of a Wolf. She’s the Founder of Sacred Connection Retreats and Bestselling Author of From Broken to Brilliance. Leisa speaks divine light language, delving unabashedly into what needs to be unleashed and released. She knows that self love is key and integral for wholeness in life, so that you can give yourself completely to the people you love. She’s an energy healer and quintessential Strategic Mindset Gangster. Leisa will help you shift, like no other, so that you can up-level like crazy.

She is a Mentor, Trauma Release Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Soul Alchemist…

She is the founder of "Leisa Nadler International Retreats" and her signature one "The Sacred Connection Retreat."

She helps women and men and couples uncover their soul’s deepest passion, their purpose, their inner BRILLIANCE and their unique ZONE OF GENIUS.

She will remove energetically, emotionally and physically what no longer serves you and it stoping you from reaching inner freedom and ultimate LOVE!

She will share the tools and pathways for reconnecting you with the body and the heart to assist in the release any self-limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, old stories or negative money mindsets to break open a path to passionate, focused, intentional living.