Sunshine Coast, Australia Retreat May 2021

Sunshine Coast Retreat 2021



Come join us for a divine weekend of enlightenment, growth, and deep awakening, as you learn how to embrace who you truly are and fully embody who you are born to be.

What would you do if you had the chance today to leave everything behind that no longer serves you and step into your
Sacred, Wild, Beautiful, Divine and Authentic Nature with Total Freedom?

What if you could take a P A U S E?

What if you could feel what it felt like to breathe in a
S U R R E N D E R E D breath?

What if you could E X P A N D the light within yourself?

What if you could fully connect to self and all the magic that she is?

What if you could bring out your inner child and feel the full flow of the divine feminine within?

“SACRED CONNECTION TO SELF” Retreat, is inviting you to connect with your inner guidance system. The part of you that knows who you are. The part of you that knows what you are still carrying deep within you. The part of you that can only see you with love.

There is one thing that retreats have that the online world will never
have is C O N N E C T I O N!

This retreat is for you

Physically hugging a sister as she breaks through and unleashes ALL that is holding her back. Offering a tissue to the woman crying because she finally understands who that she is, it has nothing to do with her past. Sharing everyday experiences that make us human like eating, laughing, sleeping, walking, exploring, making lasting memories, being and then taking these moments of blissful interactions and adding a spiritual and energetic alignment.

“SACRED CONNECTION TO SELF” Feminine Retreat will challenge what you believe to be true about who you are right now and will command that you step into what the wild woman inside of you knows to be true. This retreat and the magic along with mother natures powerful energy that can only be found in Bali will bring forth what is buried deep within you and will bring all the excess of what is not serving your highest self to the surface.

There will be so many opportunities to nurture and soak into the Divine Feminine and there will also be the fiery energetic releases in order to create from a new place of understanding, gratitude and alignment.

All that is no longer serving you will go to the side. All that must come forth in order for you to serve from alignment will come to light.

To have the honour of leading the woman reading this right now to come home to herself is a what I live for.

Sunshine Coast, Australia Retreat 2021 - Leisa Nadler

Retreat package includes

  • Four luscious nights accommodation in a beautiful country style home
  • Be immersed in secluded and deep in mother nature in a quant country town in he Hinterlands
  • We will spend our time at a private property that is a simply beautiful. It is a divine country cottage where we have our own swimming pool, Yoga studio, meditation room and healing room.
  • Massages and pampering
  • Media room for some epic presentations
  • Be surrounded by 4 areas of beautiful views of the spectacular forestry that you can lounge and listen to the wildlife as you open yourself up to the wonders of Self. The energy is something special.
  • All meal are provided and they are made with our special ingredient of love.
  • Start your day the best way, with sunrise yoga and meditation
  • Surrender to the ancient ritual of a Sacred Cacao Ceremony and all that beautifully she is. This is where we will set our individual intentions for the day moving forward. Opening your heart up to receive and create whatever you need right now. Yummy downloads come through.
  • Saturday night is all about the “White Purification Party”. This is the time you will joyfully release what has been holding you back from being and calling in what you desire with ease and grace.
  • Sacred workshop of understanding the Feminine and Masculine Energy. Learn how to embody it for ultimate alignment and flow in life and business
  • Participate in the healing bowl ceremony which will be for what your mind, body and soul need the most.
  • Energy Healings, Third Eye Activation and Chakra Alignment. We will activate your Third eye, move any blocks to allow flow of energy so that you can connect with self at a deep level, bring in loving awareness and integrate from a space of love with flow …yummy right!
  • Uncover in the seven days a new you that is waiting to be born, activated and set free to the world with ascension work. We will be working on your mindset, gentle release work, inner child work, energy work around money, self love and spiritual growth.
  • I will hold the most sacred space for you all weekend and feeling into the energy, I move and assist with my spiritual gifts what needs to be done for each person. The energy will be kept high and you will be totally supported in everything you do, be and are.
  • …more is being added daily! This will be a long weekend to remember and also one to awaken you to the wonders of the women you are. Do as much as you like or as little as you desire, this weekend is all about you!