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Sacred Connection To Self Retreat

Bali Retreat 3-8 July 2023

Get ready to realign the mind and body and find your true expression of the soul. Join us for 6 glorious days in Bali, the Land of the Gods, for a magical and life-changing retreat experience.

Meet like-minded women and kindred spirits  and form lifetime friendships. Reconnect to Sisterhood and the power of unity

At the Sacred Connection to Self Retreat, we share true sisterhood. You’ll be invited to leave your armor at the door, and explore your shadows, your unconscious programming, your challenges and your dreams.

Our team of expert facilitators will walk you through the fires, as you burn away the old you and step into your new, confident and focused self…

Are you ready for this life-altering, nourishing, 7-day experience?

Join us in beautiful Bali, the Land of Miracles, where we will excavate what is buried deep within you. You’ll be challenged in what you have been taught and expected to believe to be true about this existence and about yourself.

You’ll wash away all that excess burden, confusion, distraction, anything that  isn’t serving your highest purpose, as we bring it to the surface, expose it and dispose of it.

Allow yourself to be taken on an incredibly special life changing journey. One that will connect you to your higher realms of unlimited potential and possibilities, in the most uninhibited magical way!

If you are open and ready to fully surrender, we are ready to receive you!


Come join us for a transformative week of grounding growth and deep awakening, as we explore and embrace who you truly are, and discover a path to uncovering all you were born to be.

What would you do if you had the chance today to transmute those things that no longer serve you?

What if you could take steps into an unburdened and peace-filled space where you are reconnected with your Authentic Nature, and the feelings of Empowered Freedom that entails?

What if you could just PAUSE?

What if you could feel the peace of UNENCUMBERED breath?

What if you could fully CONNECT to self and all the magic within you?

What if you could EXPAND and INTENTIONALISE  the light encompassing you?

What if you could bring your inner child gently into this light and feel the flow of the divine creation wash away her fears?

“THE CONNECTION TO SELF” Retreat is inviting you to connect with your higher guidance system.

The part of you that knows who you are.

The part of you that can loving guide you to find answers to questions you carry deep within.

The part of you that unconditionally and lovingly sees the real you, and wishes only for you to reach your highest potential.

This retreat is a CONNECTION to higher self and the multidimensional space we can tap into, to create pleasure, joy for your ultimate evolution.

A group of people standing in a circle with their arms around each other in the water

This retreat is for you if...

  • You are ready to ascend to a higher level of consciousness
  • You are a leader and looking to step fully into your power
  • You are ready to unleash the infinite potential that lies within you
  • You are ready to make high energy and frequency quantum shifts
  • You want to tap into the fountain of knowledge that will help you to address and release the root fears of scarcity and abandonment
  • You are ready for inner healing and releasing of past trauma so you can synchronise with your highest energy source
  • You are ready not to care what other people think and walk your own path in life with total conviction and powerful presence in everything you do
  • You are ready to release those dark shadows that are keeping you locked in your safe zone
  • You are ready to be pampered by  devoted five star staff, massaged by expert hands and nourished with super healthy nutritious food for six days
  • You have decided that it is time to meet your upper level genius and the next level version of YOU
  • You want to fully connect with your inner child, bringing more play and joy into your life
  • You’re ready to re-write your money story to one of unstoppable flow and alignment with all that you desire
  • You love yourself enough to do the deeper work
  • You know you can HAVE IT ALL and you are now ready to claim it
  • You are ready to be aligned, balanced and grounded with your true self with all blocks, stories and past patterns removed
  • You are ready to unlock ancient wisdom that is ready to be revealed to you for your greatest soul purpose
  • You are ready to surrender to the deeps of your soul and to be held by the purity of other sisters

Retreat activities & schedule

  • Daily Meditation Pranayama Ancient Breathwork 
  • Daily Yoga 
  • Balinese Sacred Healing 
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Javanese Healing Therapy 
  • Chakra Cleansing, Alignment & Activation
  • Abundance Mindset Activation
  • Body Massage Therapy
  • Ubud Excursion
  • Balinese Sacred Waterfalls Cleaning Ceremony
  • Trauma Release Healing
  • Gourmet Plant Based Meals – Dishes Researched and Inspired by Certified Nutrition Coach – Nutrition for Energy Optimization – Healing smoothies, juices, antioxidant tonics
  • Low Client-Facilitator Ratio, 3:1
  • Participation limited to 10 guests
Thre women kneeling in front of a spiritual man and receiving a blessing
Bali retreat dinner

5 day 6 night package includes

  • VIP Round-trip Airport Transfers/Hotel
  • Five Star Accommodation
  • Modern Affluent Interior Designs
  • Spacious Bespoke Living Areas
  • Luxurious Five-Star Bed Linens
  • Opulent Private Baths
  • Magnificent Tropical Pool Views
  • Expansive Rice Fields Views
  • Prestigious Outdoor Living Areas
  • Vast Lush Tropical Flower Gardens
  • Breath-taking 20-meter Pool
  • Air Climatisation, WiFi, Satellite TV 
  • All gourmet nutritious meals
  • Pre Retreat Set Up Call
  • Post Retreat Integration Call

The Retreat Facilitators

Leisa Nadler

Leisa Nadler


Leisa is a an Activator, Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release Practitioner, Light Language Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and a No 1 Bestselling Author. 

The Art of Healing and Empowerment is Leisa’s soul purpose. As a Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release and Light Language Practitioner are forms of how Leisa will serve you…..

A Soul Alchemist brings on transformation of the self through soul work. Using timeless as well as modern tools of healing and inquiry, we can learn to listen to the guidence of soul and inner wisdom.

A Trauma Release Practitioner unleashes the mental, physical and emotional blocks coupled with limiting beliefs that hold you back. Leisa uses this work combined with Light Languge to remove what is inside your mind, body or soul so you can thrive to new levels of worthiness in your life.

Narelle Clyde - retreat co-facilitator

Narelle Clyde


Narelle Clyde is a No 1 Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and Multidimensional Healer, channelling Light Language through art and sound. 
Narelle works with women around the world, intuitively guiding them on their path of ascension and assisting them to be in divine alignment with all of who they are and came here to be.


A modern day mystic, Narelle uses a symbiotic combination of ancient techniques and leading edge modalities that enable rapid quantum shifts in reality. In her mission to help raise the collective consciousness of this planet by connecting you to your souls blueprint, she has devoted her life to her own evolution and growth, paving the way and activating the light within others on their unique spiritual journey.