Sacred Connection to Self Retreat

Sacred Connection to Self Retreat
22-26th November 2023

Come join us for a transformative weekend of grounding growth and deep awakening, 
as we explore and embrace who you truly are, and discover a path to uncovering all you were born to be.

What would you do if you had the chance today to transmute those things that no longer
serve you? 

What if you could takes steps into an unburdened and peace-filled space where you are reconnected with your Authentic Nature,
and the feelings of Empowered Freedom that entails? 

What if you could just PAUSE? 

What if you could feel the peace of UNENCUMBERED breath?

What if you could fully CONNECT to self and all the magic within you?

What if you could EXPAND and 
INTENTIONALISE  the light encompassing you?

What if you could bring your inner child gently into this light and feel the flow of the divine creation wash away her fears?

What if you could Integrate your previously polarised masculine and feminine archetypes
into a loving fluid interplay of synergy? 

“AUTHENTIC CONNECTION TO SELF” Retreat is inviting you to
connect with your higher guidance system.

The part of you that knows who you are.

The part of you that can loving guide you to find
answers to questions you carry deep within.

The part of you that unconditionally and lovingly sees the real you,
and wishes only for you to reach your highest potential 

“The Retreat” is a CONNECTION to self like never before.

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The Retreat package inclusions

“Sacred Connection To Self” is a powerful four night experience, held in Montville, Australia, Dates are 22nd – 26th November 2023. This retreat is about activating your feminine Goddess in the most powerful, potent way. It is about remembrance of who you were born to be.

Luxury Accommodation: Indulge in opulent living spaces.

Daily Gentle Body Movement and Yin Yoga: Rejuvenate your body with daily yoga sessions.

Kundalini Meditation and Teachings: Explore profound meditation techniques and wisdom.

Massages and Spa Sessions at the Villa: Pamper yourself with massages and spa treatments on-site.

Organic Vegetarian Food and Amazing Juices: Savor delicious, organic vegetarian cuisine and refreshing juices.

Sacred Silence Day: Embrace a day of peaceful introspection.

Shamanic and Medicine Woman Healings: Experience powerful healing rituals led by shamans and medicine women.

Sacred Opening Ceremony: Commence your journey with a sacred ceremony.

Uncover Your Feminine Goddess Sacred Session: Connect with your inner goddess during this transformative session.

Breathwork Shamanic Activation Session: Activate your spirit through breathwork with a shamanic touch.

Nakia Ecstatic Dance: Dance freely and joyfully in a Nakia-inspired session.

Identity Shift Activation and Embodiment Session: Discover transformative techniques for shifting your identity.

Sisterhood Ritual to Remember Who We Are: Reconnect with your true self through sisterhood rituals.

Inner Child Art Play Activation: Revisit your inner child through creative art play.

Voice and Throat Activation and Clearing: Liberate your voice and clear your throat chakra.

Crystal Bowl Session: Harmonize your energy with soothing crystal bowl vibrations.

Shamanic Chord-Cutting Ritual: Release past attachments through a shamanic ritual.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony: Partake in a sacred ceremony featuring ceremonial cacao.

Chakra Codes Activation: Awaken and activate your chakras for holistic balance.

You will learn who you are, how powerful you are, and the beauty within you. It’s an unleashing; it’s an embodying; it’s alluring. Your strength will be electric when moving into your Divine Feminine Goddess energy. Strength is your essence, your truth, your posture. Strength is your knowledge, and nothing is more powerful, potent and sexy than a woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

If you would like to secure your space at this retreat click below and complete payment and booking

The Retreat is for you if

You are ready to go beyond the ordinary experience of being so you can create a path to the 5th dimensional frequency that aligns with your higher self and unity consciousness

You are ready to access a new level of consciousness and attune to your highest vibration

You are ready to bring your inner child gently into this light, and feel the flow of the divine creation wash away her fears

If you are ready to integrate your previously polarised masculine and feminine archetypes into a loving interplay

You are ready to unleash the infinite potential from your soul blueprint that lies dormant within you, waiting to be activated

You are ready to manifest the life you desire through the Quantum Field of unlimited possibilities 

You are ready to expand and intentionalise the light encompassing within you. To understand the power of embodiment and the rewards it holds that connect fragments of oneness, balance and energy far more powerful than what you believe possible

You are ready to awaken ancient DNA, enriching your life by a new found embodiment of worthiness

You are ready to move into a new identity of empowerment while honouring the boundaries of your sacred container in your needs, wants and desires

You are ready to connect with your body and understand the micro whispers of what is for your highest good and understand the messages you receive at a cellular level through your heart-mind connection

You are ready for inner healing and guidance back to your higher self for your greater purpose and passion for life

You are ready to not care what other people think and walk your own path in life with total conviction and a powerful presence in everything you do

You are ready to get pampered and nourished with super healthy nutritional food for 5 days

You have decided it is time to meet the next level version of YOU

You are ready to live an unconditional life of truth, love and personal freedom

You are ready to encapsulate and receive new codes of awareness, understanding and personal expansion


And most of all it is for you if you are ready to deeply connect and integrate with your innate guidance system. The part of you that knows exactly who you are and what you are capable of. The part of you that will lovingly guide you to find answers to questions you carry within. The part of you that unconditionally and lovingly sees the real you, and its ONLY desire is for you to reach your highest potential in this lifetime.

What will you walk away with?

It is our intention that you walk away from The Retreat feeling energised and fully equipped to jump back into your day to day life with excitement and ease. You will be:



The Retreat doesn’t finish at the end of the 5 days – you’ll have many new friends and connections who have shared this magical experience with you to keep in touch with and enjoy bringing back elements of what you have learned for the next stages of your journeys… 

In a world of duality, our human forms have become divided. Our internal masculine and feminine energies are often pitted against each other, instead of holding and supporting each other the way they were originally intended to. You will be left with an integrated inner system off oneness.

Retreat Facilitators

Leisa Nadler

Head Facilitor

Leisa is a an Activator, Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release Practitioner, Light Language Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and a No 1 Bestselling Author. 

Prepare to be captivated by the magnetic journey of Leisa, the Empress of Activation, whose path is interwoven with the mystique of a Medicine Woman and the resonance of a Shaman. With the rhythmic cadence of her drum beating in sync with her heart’s rhythm, and the enchanting allure of her light language, Leisa unveils a narrative that traverses the realms of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, Leisa’s early life, much like the undulating waves of the ocean, was a dance between adversity and resilience. A single-parent household, addiction’s tight grasp, toxic relationships – all orchestrated a symphony of shadows. Yet, beneath the surface, a fierce determination simmered, ready to spark a transformative fire.

Now, as the Empress of Activation, Leisa’s tale embraces a Shamanic metamorphosis that invokes the spirits of old and the wisdom of the ancients. With her drum in hand, she channels energies as old as time itself, guiding souls towards healing and empowerment. Her light language dances on the edges of comprehension, an ethereal thread connecting her to the cosmic web of existence. It’s a language that transcends words, resonating deep within the soul, where transformation takes root.

But there’s more to Leisa’s journey – a channel of communication so open that it’s akin to a portal to other dimensions. Her intuitive prowess becomes a bridge through which profound downloads of wisdom flow freely. Like a celestial symphony, she tunes in to frequencies beyond the physical, bringing forth insights that ignite the path to enlightenment.

Picture this: the beat of the drum echoing the heartbeat of the universe, the cadence of light language weaving threads of connection, and the channel of communication flinging open the gates to cosmic revelation. Leisa’s journey is a heady blend of earthly experience and ethereal exploration. Her embodiment of the Shamanic and Medicine Woman archetypes casts a spell, beckoning you to a world where transformation isn’t just a destination but a way of being.

As you venture into Leisa’s realm, be prepared to embrace the awe-inspiring power of ancient practices intermingling with the modern narrative. Her light language and drum become vessels of transcendent energy, while her intuitive gifts illuminate uncharted territories of the soul. This is a journey of liberation, of shedding old skin, and stepping into the light of your higher self.

Dive into the enigmatic world of Leisa, where the Shamanic whispers of the past intertwine with the pulsating rhythm of the present. Allow her light language to ignite your soul and her drum to guide your transformation. Embrace the gifts of open communication and celestial downloads that illuminate your path. The time for your soul’s awakening is now – let Leisa, the Empress of Activation, be your guide.


Tasha Clarke

“Tasha: A Beacon of Wisdom and Healing, Guiding Souls on the Journey to Self-Sovereignty and Sensual Empowerment”

Tasha is a multifaceted guide, influencer, and mentor whose life’s journey has been marked by personal struggles that ultimately led her to a path of self-sovereignty and a profound spiritual awakening. Her unique and transformative experiences have molded her into a remarkable soul dedicated to uplifting and empowering others on their own life journeys.

As a mother, Tasha’s nurturing nature extends not only to her own family but to those who seek her guidance. She is a safe space holder, providing solace and support for individuals navigating their own challenges and transformations. Tasha’s role as a mentor goes beyond the ordinary; she embodies a deep well of wisdom and compassion, guiding others towards their own paths of self-discovery and personal growth.

In her diverse roles, Tasha is a true Medicine Woman, a practitioner of Womb Massage, and a skillful Embodied Dance Facilitator. She advocates for the importance of Sacred Sensuality, allowing individuals to reconnect with their bodies and inner selves in a profound and transformative way. As a Channeler and Blue Lotus facilitator, she creates spaces for healing and self-discovery, tapping into ancient wisdom and powerful energies to facilitate growth and transformation.

Within Tasha resides Nakia, a goddess-like persona who personifies sensuality through dance and creative art. Nakia’s presence is a catalyst, awakening the inner goddess within others and guiding them on a deep and transformative journey into the depths of their own sensuality and self-expression.

But Tasha is more than just a guide; she is a warrior of truth. She possesses a unique ability to feel the collective pain deeply, and this empathic connection drives her to hold a fierce willingness to explore all aspects of herself. She uses this profound self-awareness to guide others back to their own soul’s remembrance, helping them rediscover their inner truth and guiding them on a transformative journey back home to themselves.

In Tasha, we find not only a mentor but a beacon of strength, compassion, and wisdom, inspiring and empowering all who have the privilege of crossing her path. Her dedication to healing, transformation, and the empowerment of others is a testament to the profound impact one individual can have on the world.

Paula Gillespie

“Paula: A Compassionate Healer and Wise Woman on a Mission for Global Change”

Paula is a remarkable individual whose warmth and compassion have been nurtured by her extensive travels and empowering life journey. Her deep-rooted passion for self-discovery and personal growth has led her to explore the world, both physically and spiritually, allowing her to develop a profound understanding of the human experience.

Paula possesses a diverse range of healing modalities, each carefully selected to cater to the unique needs of those she assists. Her mastery extends from delving into the Akashic Records, facilitating ancestral healing, harnessing the power of Reiki, guiding souls through transformative inner work, to journeying with intuitive guidance. These modalities, when intertwined with her Wise Woman Wisdom, create a unique and magical approach to healing and transformation. Paula’s ability to blend ancient wisdom with modern techniques sets her apart as a truly gifted healer and guide.

Beyond her individual journey, Paula has a profound calling—to be a catalyst for global and conscious change. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of her gifts and her innate ability to channel positive energy into the world. Paula’s mission transcends boundaries, touching the lives of every person she encounters with the purity of her heart. Her presence is a beacon of hope and transformation, inspiring those around her to embrace their own potential for positive change.

As a wise woman, Paula draws upon the deep well of ancient wisdom that flows through her. She sees herself as a guardian of this timeless knowledge, using it to help birth a new era marked by love, compassion, and enlightenment. Her commitment to ushering in this new Earth, one grounded in these foundational principles, serves as an inspiration to all who cross her path.

In Paula, we find a remarkable blend of compassion, empowerment, and ancient wisdom—an individual whose journey and mission are a testament to the transformative power of love and self-discovery.

Talia Sovereign

“Talia is an ascension-seeker, a creatrix and evolutionist. A seer of visions and an activator and capturer of truth and essence”

She is deeply rooted in sovereignty, bodily autonomy, and personal power. She represents the alpha-female and reflects fiery passion around the importance of women’s work and the safety, protection and upbringing of children. Talia is a strong advocate for, and is active in her devotion and dedication to motherhood and sisterhood. Inspiring and empowering women to see the highest vision and to reach their highest potential. 

Enthusiastic about creative arts and expression, avail of song and dance as medicine, certified in kinesiology and heart healing, initiated into the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki, and practiced in daily-embodiment, Talia holds many great and sacred wisdoms around the womb, sexuality, conscious connecting and empowered communication. Talia is well-known for her ability to deeply connect with, and hold safe space for women to feel seen, heard and to access their personal truths, with grace and without judgement. 

A strong pillar of openness, willingness and love, embodied in freedom with open integrative complexity, Talia places high value on expansion in these sacred healing spaces and holds deep honour and respect to the women who choose this path for themselves.

Are you a VIP?

This is the option for those that know they are a VIP and want that extra special experience!

It is for those that want to dive deeper into their healing and expansion journey. 

The ones who are ready to take back control and have the courage to quantum leap into new heights within their life. 

You will be supported pre and post retreat with a one month Mentorship program so you can keep moving on your personal journey of expansion and growth.

Being a VIP these bonuses will explode you into your life – they are a complete game changer! It will move you past the five days of massive transformation into the beyond with deep growth and rapid ascension; submerging you in unconditional love, our electric energy field, divine vibration, our toolbox for creating the life you desire long after the retreat is finished!

With your chosen Mentor you will receive:

Pre Retreat Mentorship Call with the Mentor of your choice. This will set you up for The Retreat in a grounded space, ensuring that you embody your next level identity with rapid ease.

For the month following The Retreat, you will stay connected with your Mentor and ride the wave of deep transformation in the soul connected integration period. This month of support will keep you in the explosive expansion in your life and help you to integrate after the magical five days at The Retreat. The beauty of this is you will have your Mentor beside you during your integration period. You will be able to call upon her as well as being able to tap into her divine knowledge, wisdom and awareness. She will help you to move through anything that may arise.

You will receive a copy of International #1 Bestseller “Her Art of Surrender”#1 personally signed book by Co-Authors and Retreat Facilitators Narelle Clyde and Leisa Nadler. In this book you will find inspiring life stories of Goddesses, just like you, who have overcome obstacles in their lives. 

You will have one Mind Body Soul Alignment & Reconnection session post retreat for more nourishing soul transformation! 

…and many more that will be uncovered as we go through our journey together in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Leisa Nadler