Scared of what returning to normal will feel like? Read this!
woman finding her freedom


Today has been one of aligning flow, to stop and be still.

This morning was great, I went for a walk with a friend, meditated, journaled and felt like I was on a high.

Things are finally returning to some form of normal in Australia.

I sent 11 ladies the link to my upcoming Retreat in July. I was high vibing that’s for sure. I then spoke to my VIP 1-1 clients and the ladies in my Soul Blueprint Incubator Membership.

What happened next surprised me. I got a wave of something I had not felt before came over me.

Was it a panic attack ? Surely not, I had not had one of those in years.

Was it anxiety… NO!

What was it? IT WAS FEAR!

The fear was not like a fear I have known or felt before.

Why was it coming up and it was one that snuck up before I stopped it. I know how to kick fear in the arse. I know how to stop it before it takes over. I know how to connect to my soul, my heart chakra and know it is okay, I am safe to just keep going.

I am safe to surrender to believe that I am exactly were I need to be.


Funny thing I discovered, this one was not a fear of “Will I fill my retreat”?

It was one of OMG this retreat is going to be HUGE! Are you ready?

After a year and a half of the world coming to a stop and finally now things slowly opening up…Are you ready?

You now what I did?

I looked at myself in the mirror and I unconditionally stood in my power, my truth, and i said to myself a 100% HELL YES!

I asked for this. I stood in those waterfalls and I released the need to be not seen. I called this in. I was ready to rise. To own my purpose. I was ready to be the highest level of me through my soul connection.

I asked my guides to lead me to what I should be doing. Thorough my strength. Through my truth, I say I am ready!

I am 100% ready and committed to you

It feels scary to get back out and step into our purpose again after so many months of being told to stay in, to cover ourselves, to be careful of getting to close to people (literally!).

We’ve found some kin of comfort in the distance – we’ve turned it into our new normal.

But now it;s time to come out in the light again.

Are you ready? Ready to find that missing piece. Ready to align. Ready to connect fully to your purpose. Ready to come home to you !

Because, my love, it is time.

To find inner piece is to free yourself.

Free your mind, body and soul.

Life is so much more than what you think it is. So connect with yourself, with others and with Mother Nature. Step out and connect with the Universe. Be open to change and be ok with change.

Melt into your life like it’s a love affair and set yourself free!

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