Sharing (mostly) Fun Facts About Me!
Leisa Nadler


It is funny that when you connect with someone online you assume you know them so well, right? I share so much that it feels like we are best friends, BUT here are a few things (mostly fun facts) you may not know about me …

I was born in a place called Hamilton in the land of the long white cloud⛅ New Zealand🇳🇿

I am a Leo ♌ but I was born on 24th so one day before I would have been Cancer ♋, thank goodness as I am a redhead and can you just imagine the fire 🔥 I would have had within me if I was all LEO and a redhead!

Yep, I am a 100% true redhead 

I HATE SHOES, KNICKERS, AND BRAS‍ – Whenever I get away with not wearing any of these – I do!

I would love to FULL-TIME live in my PJs!

I lost my virginity at the age of 15 to my long-term boyfriend, but it gets worse it was in my Mum’s bed. How bad is that?!…. sorry Mum!💐

My favorite food is cheese, popcorn, coconut water, and cashew nuts. Oh, and more cheese 🧀 I could live on these things and be super content!

Up until the age of four I used to take my clothes off whenever I got left alone or no one was looking. Mum would find me standing at the window of our lounge naked, speaking my own language and dancing to anyone who walked by or came into the apartment complex.

I hate spas. Lying in my or everyone else dirt grosses me out. And even before and after I have a bath, I have to have a shower as I don’t see the point as you don’t get clean!

When I do have a bath, I can only do 5 -10 minutes tops. Then I get bored and want to get out!

This is how much I love cheese, I once dropped and broke my brand new iPhone to reach for cheese 🧀 that Neil had hidden from me on the top shelf, just slipped from between my ear and shoulder as I needed two hands 😂 Oh I’m a little compact shorty!

My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing💃, Coyote Ugly, Officer and a Gentlemen and Eat, Pray Love. 💕

If I could do one thing, it would be a halfway house for teenagers who need a home and give them free councelling with lots of cheese, popcorn, and cashew nuts! 

I prefer to be alone. I love my own company that much and I could talk to myself all day. But, then I also love nothing more than getting into the energy of two of my most favorite people and talking so high-vibe that if anyone heard us we would sound like we were from another planet! 🌍

I love “28 days” with Sandra Bullock. The start reminds me of my party days 😈 and the end reminds me of how far I have come!

When I was 13, I stole smokes from my Mum and would go down the beach and smoke them with my friends. At the start, I hated it and coughed like crazy but I felt sooooooo cool! 😎

I get messages from people that have passed away. I get downloads about peoples lives. I am highly telepathic (yep, I hear ya!) and I see beautifully into the future🔮… oh and I speak and sing 🎶 the most beautiful Light Language that gets challenged through me!

At the age of 23, I had fibroids which turned cancerous and I had to have a hysterectomy… maybe it was my punishment for losing my virginity in my mum’s bed!

I have fake fun bags, got them 5 years ago as I always wanted bigger ones all my life because I looked like a boy! When I had short hair I got mistaken for a boy!

I get up at 4am 🌚most mornings to meditate and I have a 3/4 hour morning routine before I do anything else… ALL ABOUT ME BABY!
I am sure you are still thinking about me losing my virginity in my mums bed, but now, it is your turn tell me one fun fact about you I don’t already know…… GO!

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