Soul Blueprint Incubator

Soul Blueprint Mentorship


Six or Twelve month container available 

Applications now open

This mentorship is a six or twelve month private mentoring container for four people who are ready to embody a new level of ownership in their life. 

This program allows you to thrive to levels of success, while owning who you are with crystal clear vision and alignment. I will teach you how to create abundance in your life so you can control what comes next and be in a place of total empowerment! 

Learn how to bring online your whole soul blueprint and what is the most important activate through embodiment of you now true self in all your power and glory. 

Learn how to channel the magical light and love into all that you do. Shift to a space of sovereignty in all areas of you life, inner freedom and oneness while owning all that you are and all you will become. 

Create a life that you thrive in everyday and one that brings the deepest levels of joy you could ever imagine. 

Packages are based around activating and bring online your Soul Blueprint. The one already inside of you at birth. The different packages include all or most of these blueprints depending which one you resonate with..

What blueprints we will clear, activate, upgrade and bring online...

This is where the true expansion lies for you!

Soul Blueprint

Soul Blueprint


Past Life
Alignment with Your Soul
Human Design
Divine Blueprint Codes
Quantum Flow Activation

Mind Blueprint

Mind Blueprint

Your belief system is like the architectural blueprint for a house—that someone else designed. Whether it’s finances, love, health—or any other aspect of your life—how you were raised, the lessons you were taught, and your home environment, all formed that blueprint. These blueprints are passed down through generations and become your reality. We will bring YOUR true mind blueprint online and activate it. This module covers:

Limiting Beliefs
Neurological Pathways
Rewiring Subconscious Mind
Focus the Mind
Activate the Mind to Pleasure
Mind Manipulation/Control by The Ego

Body Blueprint

Body Blueprint

In order to change the body one must first change or heal the energetic blueprint that lies dormant inside of us. When we become aware of painful distortions we have the power through applied consciousness to change our energetic blueprint and help our body to thrive. Our body holds the key to stored wisdom, it is a powerful source of energy and vitality for us. This module covers:

Past Trauma Release
Emotional Body Attunement
Shadow Work
Self Love/Body Needs
Identity Embodiment
Become The Emotions

Relationship Blueprint

Relationship Blueprint

Forming those bonds of trust, love, and true intimacy takes time and we will delve into what you need to move to a explosive place of love not only for someone else but more so for YOU! For any relationship to grow and remain strong, it needs to be built on solid foundations and requires each of you to practice daily habits. This module we will repair, realign and reconnect you to, it covers:

Reparent Yourself
Twin Flame
Self Connection
Embodiment Work
Rituals To Rise
Conscious Communication
Love Languages

Energy Blueprint

Energy Blueprint

We will activate you to the highest frequency in life available to you right now and have you rested in an energy system that is alive and energised. This will be a combination of clearing the energy channels, expanding the Bio-magnetic field and activating the dormant DNA! Using science as a platform and aligning healing arts, self expression, shamanism to expand the experience and anchor you into 5D frequency! This module covers:

Highest Frequency Activation
Charka’s/Life force
Clear the energy Chakra Activation
Activate dominate DNA
Expand your bio-magnet field
Anchor 5D Embodiment
Nervous System reset

Purpose Blueprint

Purpose Blueprint

The aim of this module is to go deeper into our highest purpose and tap into the fastest way to accelerate the manifestation and embodiment of your vision and your dreams! To activate your purpose blueprint or spiritual plan we must align with our ancient wisdom and bring forth the power of the inner remembrance. When you align to your purpose it will take you on an inspirational and practical journey to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This module covers:

Purpose Alignment
Soul No/Soul Yes
Embodiment of Your Vision & Dream into Current Reality
Release Your Abundance Codes
Activate and Bring on line a New Level of Worthiness
Reclaim Your Higher Purpose

This is what you will get in the six/twelve months that we will create magic together

Remember these packages are designed for you. The right one will speak to you!

Six month option

Packages are customised to include:

- 1~1 Soul Coaching, Guiding and Mentor Calls
- Per questionnaires and call to set you up for massive success
- Activate and bring on line your Soul Blueprint - Systems and Structures used to start your business and/or expand it
- Private Access to Me via WhatsApp and email for 24/7 support
- Guest trainers/speakers who are leaders in their fields
- Weekly personal streamlined tasks and journal prompts for rapid ascension and to keep you in the flow with accountability
- Upgrade your frequency- move to your highest level of growth
- Heal past trauma in your body -release and rewire, break through of blocks that have paralysed you
- Trigger and removing of cooping mechanisms
- Own and embody your self worth
- Clear your money story to create wealth - abundance code activations
- Flow from the heart in pleasure, joy and happiness - high vibe embodiment and ownership
- Demand what you desire and manifest it at lightning speed into you life
- Ongoing Light language DNA and Cellar upgrades
- Activate any gifts you have and understand how to transcend them into your work
- Embody your Empress and Priestess Identity
- Deep Mindset Attunement
- DNA/Cellular Clearings And Activation/Activate Dormant DNA
- Learn How to Ground and Connect to Source
- Learn How to Receive Downloads and Activate them
- Uncover Subconscious Patterns Controlling You Moving to Your Level Level of Wealth and Abundance.
- Learn how to connect to your ancient wisdom
- Learn How to Expand your Spiritual Wisdom
- Anchor into 5D Frequency and 5D Consciousness
- Upgrade your frequency- move to the next level of your accession
- Self Love Mastery
- Activate and bring on line your Soul Blueprint
- Quantum Healings
- Learn How to Ground and Connect to Source
- Learn How to call in your Spirit Team and Channel with them
- Learn How to Receive Downloads and Activate them
- Uncover Subconscious Patterns Controlling You Moving to Your Next Level of Wealth
- Full Embodiment Alignment of Chakras
- Activate High Frequency through Third eye, Crown and Source Connection
- Understand your Soul Purpose and Connect with Your Higher Self to Bring Forth Magical Flow and Alignment in Life, Love and Business.
- Upgrade your frequency to flow through your ascension blueprint
- Master self sabotage and understand the deeps of programming
- Business coaching to quantum leap your business or launch a new one.

(Please note price on application)

12 month option – limited to 4 women only

You get all the above PLUS…

– 2 x Soul Coaching, Guiding and Mentor Call each month
– Pre questionnaires and call to set you up for massive success
– Systems and Structures used to start your business and/or expand it
– Private Access to Me via WhatsApp and email for 24/7 support Monday – Friday 
– 1-1 Light language DNA and Cellar upgrades if needed (max four throughout six months) 
– Embody Priestess Identity And understand what that is.
– DNA/Cellular Clearings And Activation/Activate Dormant DNA
– Learn How to Ground and Connect to Source
– Learn How to Receive Downloads and Activate them
– Learn how to Connect to your Ancient Wisdom
– Learn How to Expand your Spiritual Wisdom
– Learn How to Ground and Connect to Source
– Learn How to call in your Spirit Team and Channel with them

PLUS: A MINI RETREAT at the end to celebrate YOU and all we have achieved inside this twelve month container.  

(Please note price on application)



You get all the above in the Queen and Priestess packages PLUS…

The extra six months is about becoming part of the team, I will welcome you into the fold to be first off an assistant, followed closely by facilitating at my workshops and retreats.You will learn how to embody my new healing modality that I am currently birthing and be a founding/head facilitator to help launch it into the world. More will be explain on acceptance into this arena for the two people that are accepted.


- Chakra and Archetype seven week program
- Eighteen week Chakra purification series
- Receive the Codes of Wealth, Opening up New Opportunities and Possibilities.
- Activate and Learn How to Interpret as One with Your Intuition and Attune to Your Inner Guidance System with Every Breathe. 
- Past Life Clearings, timeline collapsing and karmic clearings
- Deeper Gift expansion and Shamanic evolution
- Connect with your inner healer and expand in this realm through Reiki Certification
- Close portals holding energetic past life trauma, removing past life patterns

(Please note price on application)

As always there is a VIP option if you want to quantum leap and work totally 1-1 with Leisa, just let us know when applying as only one space available! 

Meet Leisa

Leisa is an Activator, Soul Alchemist, Trauma Release Practitioner and Light Language Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher and a No 1 Bestselling Author. She was born in the land of the long white cloud, beautiful New Zealand. Growing up in a struggling, single-parent home, she then proceeded through life via a journey down the dark sides and all that encompasses, such as addiction, toxic relationships, denial, self abandonment, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, the all compounding recipe for the inevitable rock bottom.

Through a variety of healing arts and years of self work and seeking the answers to the existential questions, Leisa was unknowingly preparing, being guided to lead and support many women to where they are right now. She came out the other side with the fundamental understanding: your past does not define your future.

All this has ignited a deep passion in her. She was awakened to a deep understanding of her purpose in life. It was to help others through the darkness, the invisibility, so they can rise and thrive in whatever they desire to be.

Now, Leisa is able to help others with their journey to ascension and enlightenment. She has the most enchanting and safe way of creating the alchemy needed to transform old worn out survival mechanisms that no longer serve you.

With a combination of her piecing insights, she expertly drafts new cognitive, neural, and cathatic pathways, bringing undetected areas to the light into life. Her chemistry of light work and intuitive sacred healing arts provide the magic for dissolving old non-serving beliefs systems and archaic methods, and forging a way for you to establish and embody all that is new and nourishing, encouraging and supportive. She is a mystical catalyst for the new, intentional, life-affirming you, the authentic you, that acts with confidence integrity and clear purpose. She is totally devoted to not only inspire but guiding you, aka holding the space.

Leisa's mission is to serve you at your highest level of consciousness. Her objective for you is to cause rapid change in your life to understanding your past does not dictate your future.... YOU DO!

These are some of the modalities Leisa uses in her work!

As a Soul Alchemist, Leisa brings on transformation of the self through soul work. Using timeless as well as modern tools of healing and inquiry, we can learn to listen to the guidance of soul and inner wisdom.

As a Trauma Release Practitioner, Leisa unleashes the mental, physical and emotional blocks coupled with limiting beliefs that hold you back. 

Leisa uses this work combined with Light Language to remove what is inside your mind, body or soul so you can thrive to new levels of worthiness in your life.

What is Light Language, I hear you ask? 

Often referred to as the language of Love. Light language is both an ancient and futuristic form of channeled cosmic communication, used for lifetimes, that specifically resonates with the soul rather than the logical mind. Light language is purposed to liberate you. The sounds and the energy of Light Language is interpreted by the heart and speaks to your soul rather than your programmed hearing and brain. For those who are ready to receive, Light Language supports the activation of dormant portions of your DNA, opens your third eye and reinforces your purpose, power and true soul essence.

Quantum Healing is a powerful cousin of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Leisa also specialises in helping you to enhance your current level of physical, relational, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness: to support you in living your life to its fullest and guide you to a higher level of consciousness. 

Everything is energy and everything is always moving so when we tap into this field we can illuminate what needs to be released and do it instantly.

The Next Step Is Yours, My Darling One

I am here to serve you to reach your upper limit of pleasure in life.

This will be a blissful journey of alchemy, deep inner work, sweat and celebration, creating the perfect environment and community for us to feel safe in our own authenticity, leadership and creativity!

If you are ready to embody your greatness, clear what no longer serves you, tap into your infinite potential and upgrade every area of your life through the highest vibrations, then this is a Mastermind is for you!