Upgrade your self worth

Soul Expansion

This is a four part video series for you to submerge yourself into understanding how to identify and remove limiting blocks that are causing road blocks in your life. Whether is is money, pleasure, relationship, rapid success, love, happiness, manifestation you want to bring into your life. Help you identify why fear, anxiety, self sabotage, overwhelm, your level of worthiness is controlling your life and how to break through it ALL.

What we will cover

– Learn to understand the core message around your limiting beliefs, so it can be released with understanding and awareness.

– Understand what steps to the process of awareness and understanding what now needs to take place to step into a powerful shift of new belief embodiment.

– Ways to live from a place of power and not fear making life decisions. 

– Learn how energy and frequency are everything to expansion in life and business.

– Break down the effect and cause of your life creation, and rebuild a new outcome

– Uncover a new version of your identity that takes control and leads you to joy and success.

– Tools to help stop going into self sabotage and overwhelm

– Ways to live from a place of power and not fear making life decisions.

– How to allow yourself to step up and be heard and seen with new programming for purpose driven results.

Leisa Nadler - Upgrade Your Self Worth

The Outcomes For You Will Be

– You will have a step by step process to understand moving forward when something holds you back or is currently affecting your life.

– Change belief patterns and step into ones of truth and knowing that create a life of abundance.

– Transcend to a new level of oneness through truth and connection to what you desire.

– Form a deep connection and gain clarity for powerful life change.

– You will walk away with a deep understanding about

– Learn to trust yourself at a deep level of understanding.

– You will have the tools to clear this with rapid speed.

– Allow yourself to get out of your own way and create magic in your life.

– Call in abundance with an aligned mind and a deeper understanding of what you can have in your life.

– Uncover new possibilities for your. soul purpose by moving the radar on your needs and become a machine at calling it all in.