Soulful Sessions with Leisa Nadler

To rise, we must heal and to heal, we must honour the process. We must create a sense of knowing, clarity, and wisdom within ourselves to reach the next level of oneness and pleasure. To reach prosperity and love within ourselves that is a new level of peace for us all. To uncover our fears and shift our perspective of our worthiness so we can begin to take charge with an act of courage inside of us that reconnects us to whom we are born to be

My new Soulful session is about taking you from where you currently are and returning to your centre. Your powerful inner knowing with higher self-alignment. To give you clarity, guidance and knowledge to what you need right now for your most nourishing prosperity and wellbeing. Bring forth your inner wisdom with a genuine soul connection that shows you what you need to see, heal and feel. To create energy alignment through your chakras that cause that during passion for igniting your soul and helping you to move gracefully with the flow-based decisions, action and oneness that lights you up.

Soulful Sessions

2 hours $555
We will enjoy a mini Cacao ceremony to activate and open your heart. Then you will receive a Channelled Intuitive Reading. I will share what guidance, clarity or messages that channel through for you. You can then ask me questions, and we can flow to where ever that takes us. Your truth will be flowing through and wisdom via the connection of our higher self and guides. Then you will receive a Reiki/Energy Healing to active the inner healer in you and a powerful Chakra Alignment for vibrational energy frequency magnetisation. DNA and Cellar shifts my darling ones. All for your next level calibration, integration and returning you to your powerful true centre.

Chakra balancing therapy and light language

1 hour 30 minutes $333

A massage for those seeking deeper healing.

This experience awakens your energy centres (chakras), clears blockages in your energy flow and helps you experience and express your spirit. Enjoy deep relaxation and relief from busy thoughts and uncomfortable emotions as you access positive feelings and more spacious sensations. As your thoughts slow, clarity, insight and understanding naturally emerge as you let go into a deeper awareness of Self.
Featuring certified organic chakra-based oil blends, colour and energy work and natural crystal placement.

Reiki healing with Leisa

30 minutes $77 - One Hour $111

Originating in Japan, Reiki is a form of alternative medicine for wellbeing, the name combining rei "soul, spirit, divine" and ki "vital energy, breath of life, consciousness". In this beautifully relaxing and clarifying treatment, Virginia applies energetic Reiki healing through the palms — using both hands-on and hands-off techniques — transferring universal life force energy to your body and energy centres in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.

Reiki heals by flowing through your energy field, clearing energetic blocks and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings may be attached, allowing them to break away and release, often resulting in a feeling of lightness, clarity and peace. Because Reiki is guided by universe-consciousness, it always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them. *IMPORTANT: 5 minutes of treatment time is taken by your therapist to meditate and energetically align for treatment before you are taken into the room for your therapy.

Intuitive Channelled Readings

30 minutes recorded $111
60 minutes $211

They will be powerful soul-aligned downloads for you. They will be divine messages of guidance and clarity to what you need for your highest good right now to propel you forward. You get to ask two questions on top that I will delve deeper into, which will be priceless for you moving forward.

Sacred Online Sessions

Energy Healing

Remove what needs to be removed so that you can be in alignment and flow. Stale energy can limit you from moving forward and block your intuition. Energy healing taps into the energy field working directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. It addresses the illness caused by a disturbance in the energy flow. Leisa digs deep, remove any stuckness, heal past wounds and live in beautiful flow so you can move in the direction you want to go.

Intuitive Readings

Join Leisa for a deep Intuitive Reading where she uses her beautiful Tarot Cards to tap into what you need to know right now and in your near future. You also get to ask 3 questions that you want clarity and more direction on and she will go deeper into these. This is a recorded reading and you will have it for life.

Divine Chakra clearing, activation and alignment

Aligning your chakras can help you achieve overall balance. Together, your chakras represent your entire self: physical, spiritual and emotional. For this reason, they provide the means by which you can achieve overall balance in your life. In these sessions, Leisa will remove any blocks that need to be removed and align you Chakras so you are in total balance and flow.