Discovering the Spiritual Meaning of Adrenal Fatigue
spiritual meaning of adrenal fatigue


I have been keeping something from you! Time to come clean!

Five months ago I uncovered my body has been unwell. I thought I was going into Menopause. I had nearly all the symptoms. So off I went to a hormone specialist. And discovered I had adrenal fatigue. I had this adrenal fatigue bad…her words: “The Worst”

She asked me a few questions. “How do you even get out of bed each morning and function during the day with adrenal fatigue? Your stress test shows when you wake up is when your body needs to go to sleep”

“How are you remembering anything, functioning, living!”

But you see, there is a spiritual meaning for adrenal fatigue. My soul was speaking to me in ways only I could receive and understand.

How being spiritual helped with Adrenal Fatigue

Lucky for me I am a healthy person.

I know my rituals to rise, how I feed my body, and clear my mind is what kept me thriving. Including how I honor my needs. All this allowed me to function despite severe adrenal fatigue!

But I still was not honouring or listening enough.

She was giving me signs and I just kept going. It was a bigger depth within my soul I had to listen to!

You see, I use to call on all my energy forces to charge through the day. I literally lived on adrenaline, caffeine and thrived on action.

I felt if I stopped I would crumble. My gift to myself was I had created a life full of passion and purpose it constantly drove me forward. Instead, I just kept going, thinking that I didn’t have a choice.

I was running a business, my clients, my responsibilities were too big to stop! I didn’t realise what I was doing to my inner world.

Then there was the day I stopped

The day I decided to surrender and stop was the day I felt what my body was truly experiencing! It was one of the hardest things to do. My programming to keep going ran deep and was installed into everything I did, felt and thought.

But a few months ago I realised I was not healing, I was not getting any better. I had to put everything aside and do whatever it took to get myself back. And I went all in and I went 100% holistic.

I had to let go. And I had to focus my energy and wisdom back into my body to allow the healing to take place. I connected to the realisation I had been in flight or fright nearly all my life. I never felt safe, my body was always on high alert- she had been working overtime!

The spiritual meaning of adrenal fatigue

I had to remove this illusion my body and mind were still in. A programming that I had to be in action. For so many years, I have been rewiring my mind, heavy emotional healing, clearing past wounds, patterns, resetting programming through my neurological pathways of the deepest kind.

Indeed, I had been healing my body of the emotional trauma that was within. But what I had not done was allowed her to properly heal. But I had not surrendered to the physical body, the one that carries me thoroughly day.

In fact, I had been working so hard on my soul body that I had forgotten the deepest places of my physical.

A wise person said to me, “Leisa you cannot hurry the healing process.”

This to me felt foreign.

I had lived my whole life on one speed, fast forward: go go go!

But now I know doling what I am doing will bring the biggest rewards. It is teaching me so many wonderful things about myself and what I actually accomplish through the stillness.

Being in the sweet spot of true surrender and living in the space of honouring each breath, listening to the whispers of my body and slowing down.

Healing adrenal fatigue by slowing down

I have enjoyed my few weeks rejuvenation, rest and recalibration. My body has slept more than she has been awake. I have slowed down and yet everything around me has sped up… yes more on this as well later!!! Some massive aha moments to my life moving forward!

Dealing with adrenal fatigue? Listen to your body more, honour your needs more and be at total presence with it all.

Life is not a race, it is an experience for which you have it all, it is all inside of you, your a total life creator to every experience!

You always think you don’t have enough hours in the day but, trust me, you do. When you slow down and are present in the moment time literally stands still. I use to laugh at people when I heard this…

But bring in a few more steps that bring on alignment and watch the magic working at its best… and you!

Changing deep programming

We are programmed to hustle, to always be moving, doing, thinking, acting. I encourage you to slow down and take in the sweet moments of nothingness. To see what you think you need to do that you don’t. It just keeps you in the pattern of being on the go.

The magical things is when I stop now my channel is activated and alive. And I am guided to what is best for me.

The surrender to being in the moment, It’s a feeling, it’s a heartbeat, I am – it is literally a tone.

When you tune into the frequency of total alignment and honour your needs things just seem to get done. With less time and no push and pull, it just feels right!

Simplify to magnify

Now it is time to slow down even more internally, so my output increases and my body rest to bring it into a place of more balance and vitality. I am integrating new parts of me through this process that excite me and scare me at the same time. A new version of me is literally being birthed!

Thank you for being a part of my journey and I look forward to sharing more with you!

Send so much love as always

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