Stop Playing the Game


I want to help people fall in love with themselves!

Fall deeply madly in love! Sounds wanky maybe ? I could never love myself, well not completely as I have so many things wrong with me.

Believe me when I say this, you are so unbelievably perfect! You just need the light to shine a little to start seeing it.
Open your eyes ! See what I can see in you !

Smile that sensational game changing smile. Laugh that infectious laugh. Breathe into your heart and connect to your own divine sexy self.

Go on try it !

I believe to love yourself it what sets you free. It shifts your whole life. It sounds simple to some to just love yourself and impossible to others. Simply love yourself and everything is wonderful ! But we all know it is the hardest thing to do, TO truly fall in love with yourself wholeheartedly, with unshakeable belief on anything you can do. TO know you are capable of anything. TO have no self-doubt around what you can achieve and do.

All day we get controlled by our surroundings, by our friends, family, partner, people we work with. Then we sit at night, well I used to, and watch that little box in the corner of our house, or get on social media and what happens then more bullshit we feed ourselves with. So what we consume our lives with, feed our minds with, it is how we form our belief systems around ourselves.

SAD TO SAY we have become a world that people talk so much about the self destruction, fear is being used to try to control us, and internally its about the WHAT IF! We sadly live surrounded by so many narcissistic, people that live in the what can I get, what’s in it for me. Instead of what can I give, who can I help!

As a ex- addict I can understand at a deep level the WHAT CAN I GET, WHO CAN I GET IT OFF, ME ME ME! I WANT ! I WANT ! WHATS IN IT FOR ME !


I do worry about the future generation and what we are leaving them as a legacy ! But for me it is about the now. It is about touching as many people as I can through love and kindness.

But above that it is about making this life the best it can be and to do that. I soon understood I needed to love me first, every bit of me… and not in a kinky way!!! When i look in that mirror I see my inner beauty as well as my outer. TOO many people judge you without you doing it to yourself as well. Let your inner voice be the one that creates how your day unfolds. Live in the now of gratitude and happiness. Let it reach out and leave happiness on everything it touches and everyone you meet. Be the role model that inspires a nation and start with one person at a time. Make an impact on your life and everyone around you !

Trust me one of the life changing things I did in my life was switch to a place of coming from the heart, from a place of LOVE. Thats what drives me everyday. To help people RESET, RELOAD and RELAUNCH themselves unapologetically with total LOVE into their life.



lots of love
kisses 👄

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