Surrender to the divine Universe and surrender to YOU.
Release and rise, bali retreat - Leisa Nadler


It is so beautiful to sit in a place were your heart is open, your soul does your talking, you live in your truth and you are receiving everything you have been asking for all these years.

It seams like the last 14 weeks things have totally shifted for me. I know that where I am right now is exactly were I am meant to be. I am connected and living my purpose. I am living what I asked for and what I have asked for next is really scary.

I wont lie the next year of my life will be what I have ever envisioned. The things I have planned, what I have asked for and what I know I will receive, send shivers down my spine and goosebumps all over my body. How do I know because I basically I said so, I asked. What I ask for I get, I visualise it, dreamt about it, write about it, when it all comes down to it the most important things I am ready to receive it. I have worked years on me. invested so much into myself and now the massive rewards are coming. They are flowing without me even doing anything. Sure you need Action! But everything and everyone are coming to me.

I remind myself some of this I have been asking for and trying to manifest into my life for years. So whats different now Leisa. Quite a few things that all add up but one thing that stands out.

I meet a lady a few days ago that opened up my eyes, it was like when she was talking to me she was somehow wrapping her arms around me without touching me. Her voice melted me and i surrendered to being totally present in the moment. Looking in her eyes I saw my vision, it was like the next year played out in my life like a video that was on super fast forward.

Her soul connected directly to my soul, her heart became my heart, I felt calm, i was totally safe. I kew everything she offered I was to do. I knew this lady was here to open me up and take out what is inside. I just needed to ask and it will all manifest in realty. I have seen it just like in a movie.

I knew I was about to meet this women, how, because I asked for someone to guide me through my spiritual awakening. To help lead me on my journey. I wanted a guru here in Bali. I was ready, like seriously ready.

When you are ready the teacher appears right!

There are NO coincidence in life. There is no luck. There is no one person that gets to have more than you. There is no I missed out, it just wasn’t my time. There is poor me I never make anything work or get a break.

I said these things to myself for most of my life.

I was wrong. If you are ready to open up. If you are ready to change your perception of how your reality is created, If you are ready to be the director, writer and leading actor in your life. Then all you have to do is let it happen.

Surrender to the divine Universe and surrender to YOU.


Kisses, Leisa

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